Badseed's Bottomline #393:

A Discussion for the Confused

By Badseed

Hey yo!  So, I think wrestling was somewhat interesting this week.  I donít know what to think and therefore, I will just let it all hang out with this weekís column. 

1.  A champion of champions match is not a good idea.  You cannot sell a PPV on the backs of John Cena, Big Show and King Booker no matter what stipulation you place on the match.  Cena is the big star of the three, but despite Big Show actually coming into his own as a dominant champion very worthy of his title, his match with DX weakened him as a PPV draw.  That said, a champion vs. champion vs. champion match seems more suited for a Wrestlemania than Cyber Sunday, a gimmick throwaway PPV at best, so they would need better wrestlers to headline.  Also, the match seems destined to end in some sort of screw job to the fans, because if Cena wins, Smackdown and ECW look weak and so on and so on. 

2.  Also, when we had three champions in the ring, it dawned on me how confusing this could be to casual fans.  The WWE has always relied on its hardcore fans to always stay around and keep ratings at a steady level, but the WWE needs casual fans to enjoy the success it did during the Attitude era.  That said, I was watching with my sister, who used to watch wrestling with me when I was younger and still pays attention here and there; calling Rey Mysterio her favorite at the moment.  Anyways, she was totally confused by the champions.  She said, there are too many.  I responded that they represented their brands; Raw, Smackdown and ECW, respectively.  Her response?  Which one has the six-sided ring?  TNA!  Oh!  Maybe the WWE should separate the brands except for really big PPV battles. 

3.  On Raw, the title means something.  John Cena defends it with honor and everyone wants it.  The only problem is; the WWE seems to only show one true defender at a time.  Edge was probably the best defender, because he made that title mean something.  His speeches put so much importance on the title, as if it were his life.  HHH did the same, but like I said, the WWE avoids complexity when it comes to the WWE title. 

4.  On Smackdown, the belt means a little more.  Finley is a heel and is Booker Tís ally, but when the belt is a prize, the Irish fighter doesnít lay down for anyone.  Batista and Lashley are allies, but they will tear each other apart to get the belt.  Four men all want one thing and thatís great.  It means the title belt is what drives the wrestlers; not some stupid story. 

5.  On ECW, Big Show is the dominant champion and one original after another wants that title.  RVD wants it back.  Sabu nearly broke his body in half for the belt.  Sandman showed no fear when battling for the belt.  CM Punk says he wants the title.  Big Show doesnít want to let it go and will defend it against everyone, from ECW stars to Raw and Smackdown opponents and even legends like Ric Flair and The Undertaker.  That belt has so much value behind it.  There is no gimmick involved.  The ECW title is the real deal. 

6.  But on TNA, there is no doubt that the company puts a lot of focus on their belt.  While the X Division sort of hits an all-time low due to the whole Jackass antics that ruin its credibility, but look at the Christian vs. Samoa Joe battle this past week on Impact.  You had two men fighting in a ladder match for the belt and neither one was a champion.  Itís Jeff Jarrettís belt.  Jarrett wants it back.  Joe stole it.  Christian thinks he had the belt stolen from him and believes himself to be the true champion.  Sting is ready to put his career on the line for the title.  Abyss will help get the belt back if it means a title shot in the future.  Rhino even gets involved and now Kurt Angle is in town and he wants the title.  No company has done a better job at making this title mean something than TNA.  I canít imagine the WWE ever putting this much emphasis on the title.  Even the background stars like Monty Brown want that belt.  Raven calls it his destiny.  Damn.  In TNA, the title is the main star.  Thatís what separates this company from the rest. 

7.  Back to ECW and Smackdown.  Why would Paul Heyman get all happy about pitting RVD against King Booker when a few weeks back, he had King Booker as a guest and hoped to see him destroy RVD?  He had respect for King Booker, but now he loves RVD, because he is defending ECW pride.  And then the next day, he hates him again.  Itís just weird.  From a storyline perspective, he should have used Test or even CM Punk for that matter. 

8.  Elix Skipper is supposed to be young, but he really looks old in the face.  I just hope his team with Ron Killings, if it happens, will work out for the both of them. 

9.  That was the first Cryme Tyme skit I didnít like.  I hope they havenít gone stale before their debut.  I canít wait. 

10.  Money Inc. was back together again, even for one night.  It was so cool.  I marked for the team.  IRS still looks like he is big enough to go in the ring.  What a great tag-team they were. 

11.  I think the alignment between Edge and Randy Orton vs. DX is actually the best thing to happen since the DX reunion.  They sort of fit together.  I loved their teamwork against Kurt Angle and RVD a few months back.  It makes sense that they would align again.  But it is actually the way they put them together that worked perfectly.  DX interfering to inadvertently help Cena cost Edge the title.  Edge needed help and the great charisma he has on the microphone made him the perfect leader/manipulator.  And the use of the angle from two years ago where Evolution turned on Randy Orton was a perfect touch.  I loved it.  Awesome.  It ties everything together, almost like they planned Randy Ortonís misfortune for two years just to do this.  I canít wait to see these four slug it out.  The best part of it all is that because we have four wonderfully talented wrestlers in the same ring together, they can stretch this feud several months, fighting as tag-teams and in individual matches.  And what a great way to fix the tag-team division.  Have DX beat the Spirit Squad.  Lose the title to Orton and Edge, cost them the belts against an also-ran team like Haas and Masters (notice how I said they looked good together and suddenly, they wrestled a dark match as a team) and then start pushing Cryme Tyme.  I am a genius. 

12.  Kurt Angle is signed.  Now I hear that Chris Jericho will show up with Fozzy as part of a video on TNA.  This is a great sign.  I can see Jericho in TNA.  What an awesome signing that could be.  Kurt Angle really legitimized this company.  Even Bret Hart wants some involvement with Kurt Angle in TNA.  I hope Kurt Angle is right.  I hope itís true.  We ainít seen nothing yet. 

And thatís all for now.  Itís time to step out with the girlfriend.  Until next week, keep on reaching for the ropes.  Youíve been submitted with the bottomline.  Peace!

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