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Badseed's Bottomline #394:

Vince McMahon Just Doesnít Get It

By Badseed

Hey yo!  Iím sticking with the random observations aspect of the Bottomline this week.  So, much going on, so much to say:

First, Kevin Federline in the WWE was just as whack as his CD sounds.  He actually made Cena look bad.  What happened?  A horrible rap.  A complete joke.  I was embarrassed to be a wrestling fan.  Oh, and Johnny Nitro and Melina need to sharpen those mic skills.  Completely horrible. 

Second, Cryme Tyme looks green.  But they got the crowd behind them, so I look forward to seeing them grow.  I like the concept of the team.  Itís a throwback to the little guy Ė big guy tandems of old. 

Third, I am not upset at Steve O.  I watch Jackass and Steve O has laughed after being hurt worse than that.  As a fan of both, I know that what Umaga did was painful, but nowhere near as bad as when Iíve seen.  What made me laugh was that TNA backed Jackass and Steve O showed up on WWE television.  Iíd be pissed if I was TNA.  

Now, on to what I really want to discuss.  Iíve heard troubling rumors I hope are completely false.  ECW cannot be lightened up any further.  I donít want to watch another program that completely follows the WWE formula.  I would be completely bored if all wrestling was the same.  Itís not the fact that I see different wrestlers on each brand that makes me tune in.  I love the live aspect of RAW and the bigger name stars battling in more traditional wrestling matches.  I love the scrappy feel of Smackdown with hardnosed wrestling from Chris Benoit, Fit Finley and William Regal.  I love the cruiserweight action and the fast paced tag-team wrestling.  I love TNA for its unique concepts and groundbreaking action.  I love the fast paced and always exciting matches that are evident in every match of the card.  And I love ECW for whatís left of its hardcore wrestling.  There is no need to kill it by lightening it up further. 

When it comes to ECW, Vince McMahon is an idiot and if he came to me and asked me what I thought, thatís exactly what I would say.  It sucks, because I really think Vince McMahon is a genius, but he just messes with things too much.  When it comes to the WWE, he does his thing.  I think he knows more about how to handle RAW stars than he does with Smackdown stars, but when it comes to ECW, he just doesnít have a clue.  And he has a track record of just messing up wonderful ideas. 

The XFL.  It bombed.  Why?  Well, it was because he tried to make it the WWE on a football field.  He had some great ideas that I feel could have changed the game, but he gimmicked it with storylines and over the top antics that ruined it for casual fans who really just wanted to see a different kind of football game. 

WBF was a joke, because he had to be over the top there, too.  He just canít leave well enough alone.  He has to make everything into the WWE.  He canít even do movies right, as evidenced in The Marine

Now heís doing it with ECW.  He doesnít get the fact that together with the WWE, ECW could help further McMahonís grip on the wrestling market.  ECW doesnít need 4.0 ratings.  It needs ratings that compliment RAW to a degree.  Let me break it down for you.  Say, for argumentís sake that 400 million people watch Raw and donít watch ECW and 200 million watch RAW and ECW.  Thatís 600 million watching both programs.  Now, 200 million watch ECW and not RAW, so you have 400 million watching ECW in total.  You make it too much like RAW and 200 million go bye bye.  The other 200 million stick with RAW, but it is still a loss of 200 million people.  Does the math make sense? 

I loved the Dreamer and Sandman vs. Mike Knox and Test hardcore match.  I loved RVD vs. Hardcore Holly.  It made Holly a star again.  You had to turn him face.  I thought Test vs. RVD was awesome.  We need more of that.  Once a week, a thrilling match that happens to use weapons to a degree will make ECW worth watching over anything else.  Matches on ECW that go 25 minutes is what separates ECW from everyone else.  Near falls, quick action, followed by a standoff between two great grapplers is what make wrestling worth watching. 

ECW could be a TNA killer. I would hate to see it happen, but if you really donít want TNA to ever beat you in a game they seem to be making better moves with, then ECW is the vehicle.  CM Punk, RVD and Sabu will get you there, but the only thing is, McMahon has to let them be.  Let Heyman do what he does best.  Stop trying to kill what is actually slowly working. 

Itís called niche marketing.  Use ECW for what makes ECW a success.  Stop trying to make ECW what it shouldnít be. 

Now, Kevin Thorne needs a partner.  Rene Dupree needs a partner. Bring back the tag-team titles.  ECW needs them.  It will help separate them from other companies. 

Pay attention to the pops Sabu, Sandman and Balls Mahoney have been getting.  Push them. 

Tommy Dreamer needs a storyline where he has all the odds stacked against him.  He is still a big star or at least could be.  Fans popped for his win over Thorne.  Pay attention. 

CM Punk is just explosive in that ring and really knows how to work the crowd.  He is just so fluid in the ring.  His cult status could rival RVDís success. 

Over on TNA, they have to hold back the confrontation between Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe.  Itís cool to give us a taste, but pleaseÖhold off.  Wait it out.  Have them confront each other, but leave their battle for next yearís Bound for Glory.  That will make money. 

Keep Team 3D on television.  They are not going TNA any favors being off television. 

Give Raven mic time.  Thatís what TNA has been missing.  Jake Robertsí addition should help things. 

Itís time to fix the X Division.  Keep the comedy out of it.  Not needed.  Allow Kevin Nash to put Senshi out of action with the jackknife and then have Alex Shelley turn on Nash and use his videotapes of Nashís matches to highlight why he is a dominant champion who knows how to beat his opponents.  Have Senshi come back and fight Nash in a grudge match that he wins, showing just how dominant the X Division could be and then let Senshi and Shelley go at it in what will be an excellent X Division battle. 

I just have ideas.  I never said I was perfect, but it would be nice if people listened to them and took them seriously.  But right now, I am heading out the door.  Youíve tapped out to the Bottomline.  Peace

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