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Badseed's Bottomline #395:

Bound for Greatness

By Badseed

Hey yo!  I ordered the TNA PPV this week.  The last PPV I ordered on my own was ECWís One Night StandTNAís Bound for Glory had a killer lineup, one I could not ignore.  This show was killer from start to finish with a couple exceptions in between.  Letís explain. 

Bobby Roode will never be a main event player.  His promo was boring.  His choice of manager, while hot, has never gotten anyone over enough to make this pairing one to be excited about.  His match with Lance Hoyt was too competitive.  If heís supposed to be a star, his first match should have been a squash.  It wasnít.  Not a good way to begin.

The biggest PPV of the year and Ron Killings was relegated to hyping the crowd.  Not a good sign.  And Lance Hoyt lost his match.  He should be angry.  He should not be dancing, especially when he mimics the dance style shown in videos like Shake that Laffy Taffy.  Horrible. 

The X Division Gauntlet was awesome.  Austin Starr is a star on the rise.  My only problem is that I think heís got way too many gimmicks going on.  Tone it down a bit. 

It was amazing to see Zack Gowen in action again.  Heís really a good wrestler and definitely an inspiration.  If pushed right, he would have a place in TNA

Love the little inside jokes made by Kevin Nash.  Also like that they teased a possible dissension between Kevin Nash and Alex Shelley.  I would love to see a feud between Shelley and Starr

The four-way tag match was interesting.  I liked the interaction between BG James and Brother Ray.  Hate Kip Jamesí look.  I totally enjoyed the match.  It was fun; not great, but fun.  The James Gang seems to be going nowhere.  The Naturalsí push seems to have ended.  AMW seems to be put into the face role once more to battle LAX, but I believe the switch was done to make a split between the two seem more effective.  Team 3D vs. Lax seems to be on the horizon and I think that will be a bloodbath.  Look forward to Team 3D finally winning the belts. 

The Monsterís Ball match was exciting for Brother Runtís fall and some of the carnage in the beginning.  Raven has lost his touch, though.  Samoa Joe was not as effective in this match and Brother Runt was taken out too early.  Abyss stole the show.  He deserves a title push.  He really does, but he has to turn face to get one.  Anyways, the ending was muddled.  It appeared as through there was miscommunications all over the place.  Jake Roberts just didnít belong and I hope he had a cold, because if thatís how he is going to talk, I donít want to listen.  There is nothing about him right now that made that match or future possibilities exciting. 

Eric Young vs. Larry Z was great in that it ended quickly and like the disbanding of Team Canada ended an angle that just kept going nowhere.  Young is an example of whatís right with TNA.  The fans are behind him, but unlike Eugene, TNA is not pushing Young too fast, too soon.  He is not the main event of the shows.  Heís not ready.  He will be, though.  He has an undeniable charisma about him.  In time, he can only get better. 

Senshi vs. Chris Sabin was off the charts.  It really helped make fans forget about the atrocious Jackass angle that was going on for far too long.  Does anyone know Senshiís contract status?  Why?  Well, while the match was excellent, I didnít like the end.  First off, I donít think all the titles changing hands on a PPV is a wise move.  Second, I just thought Senshi was really becoming a dominant champion.  His title loss came out of nowhere and leaves me wondering what exactly TNA has in store for him.  On the other side of the ring, I hope to see Chris Sabin turn heel and feud with Jerry Lynn.  I think they are teasing that.  What a series of matches that would be. 

The 8-Mile Street Fight was awesome.  My only complaint is that none of the weapons seemed real.  Plastic chairs?!  Streetlights that looked like cheap Halloween decorations?!  An oversized street sign?!  Even the ladder didnít look right.  What was that all about?  But the action was tremendous, so it didnít truly matter to me.  I enjoyed the match a lot.  What a deep roster TNA has.  There are just some wonderful combinations that can be made.  Rhino and Christian do it better than anyone else.  What a pile driver by Rhino through the table.  Vintage Rhino.  He has come such a long way.  So what if the props he used look like play things.  He made it all look hardcore.  Rhino and Christian make you believe in the story they present in the ring.  Letís hope TNA management doesnít forget them during all the Kurt Angle hoopla. 

LAX vs. AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels stole the show.  What an incredible match.  I hated that LAX won, but you canít say they donít deserve the belts.  They put together a fantastic match.  This incarnation of LAX is the best and it shows in the ring.  AJ Styles is still amazing.  What a jump from the top of the cage.  Eat your heart out Jimmy SnukaChristopher Daniels continues to amaze me with his move set.  Together, the two make an awesome duo, but what happens now.  They were supposed to hold on to the belts for some time, but not anymore and it appears LAX will only hold the belts for a couple of months at best.  It seems that it is all being set up for Team 3D to take the titles.  Sadly, after watching the action in this match, does Team 3D really deserve them. 

Wow!  What a cool new look for Sting.  It is about time.  Of course, having him come out win a new look sort of gave away the ending, but we already knew what would happen, so it doesnít matter.  The match was pretty good.  Sting really has the first back in his eyes.  Jarrett was great in that ring.  Kurt Angle did the right thing making his presence know, but not overshadowing anything.  The end was a bit rushed.  Sting gets hit with a guitar, goes crazy and then just wins like that.  Seemed off, but it was a better ending than Starrcade years ago.  And Iím excited about where everything is going.  So thatís good, too.  Sting makes for a good champion and while Angle is off fighting Samoa Joe, Sting has a list of great challengers from Christian to Abyss and even Scott Steiner, should he return. 

Whatís next?  Iím not sure, but I would not want to see Kurt Angle end Samoa Joeís win streak.  I would love them to fight to a draw at Genesis in a highly competitive match that has some sort of screw job, which will draw each wrestlerís attention away from one another.  Maybe Christian attacks Angle and Abyss attacks Joe.  One great match to whet our appetites, the two should never cross paths until next year and it should be for the belt.  Thatís a great way to book things. 

That is all for today from Badseed's Bottomline.  There are only five more columns until the big 400.  Iím going to be counting them down.  I hope you stick around.  Peace.

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