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Badseed's Bottomline #396:

Do You Smell A Merger

By Badseed

Hey yo!  Cyber Sunday is this weekend and the main event is intriguing me.  I smell a major change in the works.  Do you follow? 

One title will be on the line this week.  We all know that the ECW title will not be one of those belts.  With the December to Dismember main event set to feature an Extreme Elimination Chamber for the belt, the only title it doesnít seem likely that they will put the ECW title on the line. 

Now, they can do it that way.  I mean, Big Show could win the match and keep his belt, but something makes me believe that the WWE wants to do something big with this PPV and make it appear to be the fansí decision that led to the important change.  My guess is that King Bookerís title goes on the line and that John Cena wins it. 

There are two things that can happen from this.  The first thing I can think of is a merger.  Smackdown has been depleted for far too long and with the Great Khali and Sylvester Turkey going over to ECW, they seem to be depleting the roster further and further.  Undertaker is their main star and he is barely on the show.  Batista has shown no passion as of late.  Lashley canít speak on the mic.  Finley is still not getting the fan reaction he should.  Matt Hardy is on Smackdown Jeff Hardy is on Raw.  The two belong together.  Rey Mysterio is injured and from a storyline standpoint, is supposed to have quit Smackdown.  With the womenís division actually heating up on Smackdown, providing new contenders for a champion who will not have much to defend on Raw, a merger makes sense.  With the tag-team division still lackluster on both brands, despite new teams debuting for both brands, a merge could help.  A merge seems very positive for both brands, strengthening both shows with better talent that could lead to higher ratings. 

But maybe a merger is not the answer.  Kane has moved to Smackdown to beef up the roster.  The new talent initiative has brought in MVP, who, if he gets rid of the Power Rangers outfit, could be a major new face for the company.  The tag-team division is hot on Smackdown.  The girls are better looking on SmackdownMiz is actually doing pretty well there and could be a major player in the future.  They are actually going somewhere with wrestlers like Finley, Regal and Taylor; not to mention Benoit; all of whom are scrappy and bring a shoot style to the brand.  The cruiserweight division is getting play when you look at the feud between Gregory Helms and Matt Hardy.  Yes, Hardy is not a cruiserweight, but he is a former champion and their feud gives the title some exposure.  Tatankaís heel turn is actually being treated with care, making me believe that he will be a great heel.  Lashley could do great things if he didnít have to compete with HHH, HBK, Batista and John CenaKen Kennedy is a future star and the future of Smackdown.  Why mess with a potentially good thing?  

But the WWE has been experimenting with cross promotion on both Raw and Smackdown and it is a lot easier to promote ECW vs. WWE than ECW vs. Smackdown vs. Raw.  So, Cena wins the Smackdown title and he starts defending the title on both brands.  Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes win the tag-team titles and then, in some fashion, retire the belts, allowing London and Kendrick to defend the tag-team titles on both brands.  The women can do the same.  But the brands stay split.  It will be just like it was when the brand split first started.  The only difference is; the wrestler who loses the title stays on the brand he was involved with before the change in policy.  This way, there is no confusion.  In this matter, we can keep wrestlers on both brands fighting over being ranked #1 for the belt and Cena defends the title on each brandís PPV and so on.  It could lead to Cena vs. Batista at Wrestlemania.  That would be awesome.  Does this make sense?  Is this a good idea?  Let me know what you think.  Check out my Myspace page. 

Anyways, on to other things: 

ECW will do something on next weekís show that will be so bad, in terms of booking, that you will think you are watching WCW

The Extreme Elimination Chamber match is exciting for a PPV, but with six wrestlers involved, I am interested in what they will do for the rest of the PPV.  I know Heyman has his ideas.  And I am sure it will be fun.   

As for the main event, I guess RVD is being robbed of another title reign.  Who will win the title?  We know Big Show is shot and his last match will probably be against Hulk Hogan at the next Wrestlemania, so he will lose the title at this PPV.  The storyline seems to suggest RVD will win the belt, but the actual match suggests they are going to give the title to someone else.  Please donít rush CM Punk.  Heís not ready yet.  Allow this match to lead him into a feud with main event caliber stars.  Sabu would be my pick, but I would not be upset if they shocked us all and gave the title to Hardcore Holly.  That would be an awesome reward for his loyalty to the company and it would also lead to stiffer matches for the title.  Even if he is a transition champion, I wouldnít be that upset, even if I would rather the belt go to a more deserving star.  Letís hope RVD gets into the good graces of Mr. McMahon again. 

TNA is still heating up.  I love the buildup to the Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe match.  While I wish they didnít rush this match, I am excited about seeing it. 

I like the idea of Jeff Jarrett as a face for a little while.  It has been awhile and it will bring something different to the table.  Looking forward to it. 

AJ Styles won the X Division title again?  It boggles my mind, but at the same time, I love it, because it showcases what is right about this company.  No title is a step back.  All titles mean something.  I just donít like this little rift between Styles and Christopher Daniels over the title.  It has been done.  It hasnít even been a year yet.  Let them remain friends for now.  Split them later on.  Let Styles feud with Senshi for now.  Unless they plan on reforming Triple X.  That would be awesome. 

I donít get this James Gang thing, but I like it.  I wonder where it is going.  I canít wait to see the next chapter of this teamís evolution.  What do you all think about this storyline?  Where do you think it is going?

Are they pushing Ron Killings again?  Got to love Vince Russo.  He deserves the push.  Thanks. 

I love this new Ravenís Flock, but what is Christianís involvement with Bentley and Kazarian

TNA rules.  I loved their complex setup for this Fight for the Right tournament.  It was different and we need that nowadays.  I also love how they set up a match between Rhino and Christian for the big primetime show and put them in another match beforehand with stipulations that affect the future barbed wire cage match.  Thatís how to book a feud.  Get the most out of it.  Good job. 

Well, thatís all for today.  I am this close to 400 I can feel it.  Come on.  Feel it.  You know you want to.  Whoa!! Not just yet.  You have to wait until next time.  Peace

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