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By Badseed

Hey yo!  So, I went on my two week tirade insulting the WWE after they insulted my credibility as a writer and a wrestling columnist.  I felt that I said enough, so it is time to move back into the actual wrestling stories I am known for writing.  Here goes:

Charlie Haas now thinks he is black.  Wow.  That is absolutely retarded.  Why canít they just put Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas together as the Worldís Greatest Tag-Team and let their gimmick be that they can actually wrestle well.  It worked before.  They were tag-team champions on Smackdown and I think they did a damn good job of it.  Let them just go out and wrestle.  And bring back Haasí former wrestling gear.  Please.  No more orange. 

Incidentally, I love how they teamed with Johnny Nitro to beat the Hardy Boys.  I love the Hardy Boys, but I think this could serve the Hardy Boys, MNM and the Worldís Greatest Tag Team better in the long run. 

I love the fact that the WWE is starting to really build up its tag-team division again and I like it even more that some of the lines are being blurred as it pertains to the rosters.  The brand split hurt the tag-team scene in the long run and by allowing the Hardy Boys to show up on ECW, Raw and Smackdown, it allows for better competition like what we saw at Armageddon

I think Cryme Time is awesome, but why is it that every single one of their promos seems to come off slightly awkward?  They just do not have that flow down just yet.  But I look forward to more in the future. 

Is John Cena the Bret Hart of a new generation?  No, I am not talking about wrestling ability.  That would be just stupid.  They have two totally different styles.  I am talking about how Cena is probably one of the hardest workers in the business right now and he seems to have the most feuds going, too.  Remember when Hart seemed to be fighting everyone, including his brother; well Cena has been involved in feuds with Umaga, Johnny Nitro, Kevin Federline, and Booker T and Finley all within a span of a few weeks.  He has been on Raw and he has been on Smackdown.  He has also fought off Edge and Randy Orton, too.  Damn.  What a workload.  Cena is by far the more interesting of the wrestlers on the shows lately. 

Arenít Edge and Randy Orton a perfect team?  I think that was a great pairing.  They remind me of another team or faction and I just canít place which one.  Help me out here.  Anyways, I heard something about Rodimer coming up and joining them in a main event match sometime.  If everyone remembers Rodimer, they will remember how extremely cocky he was and how he had this doofy smirk that reminds me very much of the one Orton has. 

I am not sure if the Rodimer pairing is a permanent one, but if it were, it would be great if they made Rodimer the son of Barry O.  Not many remember who Barry O is, but he is related to Bobby Orton and therefore is related to Randy Orton.  The actual relation eludes my mind at the moment, but Barry O was a preliminary wrestler who I remember most for teaming with the Hart Foundation on one show and losing only to get further embarrassed when his own team performed the Hart Attack on him. 

Anyways, Rodimer could join as part of the whole family relation thing, but then when it is time to split the team up, they could work in a storyline about how Rodimerís father was a no talent jobber who disgraced the Orton name.  That would make for an actual interesting storyline. 

Letís turn Kenny good.  Let this feud with Flair lead to a face turn where Flair actually takes him under his wing.  That would be great.  It would also work well if Rodimer gets the spot Kenny wants on Rated RKO.  That would be a fun feud. 

Stop trying to force Lashley down my throat as a face.  The guy cannot talk.  He is jacked up and then he speaks and sounds like a five-year-old child.  He should have been a heel and he should have had Paul Heyman as his manager.  I can never take him seriously as a face. 

I think they should get rid of the ECW name and just call it OVW.  Bring in all the OVW guys and make it a glorified developmental league. 

I love how Tommy Dreamer challenged Khali.  A former world champion, Rey Mysterio, was scared to fight Khali, but Dreamer called him out.  Dreamer is one of my favorite wrestlers in the WWE.  I hope they do something big for him.  He deserves it.

I canít wait until RVD, Sabu and Heyman are out of their WWE contracts.  I hope they all go to TNA.  Imagine that.  I think TNA becomes an even bigger player when you bring in someone with the vision of Heyman and the abilities of RVD in that ring.  The booking would be better.  The promos would be better.  We could even see Heyman vs. Cornette II.  That would be great.  How nice would it be to see RVD vs. AJ Styles or RVD vs. Samoa Joe or RVD vs. Christopher Daniels or RVD vs. Sabu the right way and how about RVD vs. Jerry Lynn one more time?  Even RVD vs. Abyss could be an awesome match. 

How about Abyss?  He is finally getting a storyline and his character is becoming complex and worth investing in.  After four years, Abyss is more than just the MVP of the company (and he was), ore than a main event player; he is a champion and his character now has meaning.  Oh, and whatís with that huge boil on his stomach.  BLAGH!!!  That makes Dusty Rhodesí splotch look like a beauty mark. 

I canít wait for Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle: The Iron Man Match.  That will be off the hook.  Does the WWE realize what they are missing when they donít sign talent like Samoa Joe and allow them to be themselves?  CM Punk is great, but in ROH, he was a whole lot better.  Same for Jamie Knoble, Paul London, Brian Kendrick and Jimmy Wang Yang.  Itís so sad that the WWE has three brands and each one seems to be pretty much the same.  Why not use a brand to change things up a bit?  It makes sense, but yet, for some reason, it doesnít. 

Well, that will be all for this week.  I grow weary.  I just want to take the time to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and I will see you all next week for the last Bottomline of 2006.  Peace

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