Badseed's Bottomline #406:

Just Some Thoughts

By Badseed

Hey yo!  So, I watched a lot of wrestling this week and these are some thoughts that came to my head. 

I just want to wish the family of the One Man Gang my condolences.  I was so sorry to hear of his loss while watching the Survivor Series DVD.  I nearly cried when the so-called broadcast journalist called him the late, great One Man Gang.  Such a travesty. 

But imagine my surprise when I discovered that he was indeed still alive.  Isn’t that great news?  Not great news for the one who announced his death.  I believe there was a Where Are They Now section in the WWE magazine that informed everyone as to where the One Man Gang was.  It’s a shame that this journalist does not even read his own magazine, which is there for everyone to peruse through in WWE Headquarters

Just one more comment on this matter: Journalism 101: Get your facts straight.  If you need anymore lessons, I am only an email away. 

So, I was thinking about a great storyline for the WWE stemming from all this Eddie Guerrero themes we have seen on television.  The WWE opened the door so why not run with it.  I mean, I personally do not like all the ideas that I am about to preach, but it would be in tune with the way the WWE thinks.  They are tasteless and rather than provide opposing views, I am going to just put myself in their shoes. 

Of course, it would take a genius like myself to even think of this.  So, the WWE prides itself on being a mixture of sports and entertainment.  They are part action movie and part Saturday Night Live.  But where is the true drama.  Sure there is drama in the ring, but why not just test these characters and throw in some tear jerk moments to further round out the product. 

Mrs. Guerrero cried on the screen the other day and it made me think.  She should come out and apologize to the fans.  And in a moving tribute to Eddie Guerrero, she could talk about what a great man he was and how losing him has affected her when it comes to thinking rationally.  She can talk about how everyone has left her, but how she misses Eddie Guerrero most of all.  She will cry and it will be real.  How can you not talk about Eddie Guerrero and not cry.  I miss him.  I actually feel the WWE product has truly been tarnished since his death. 

Anyways, she cries and suddenly Chris Benoit comes to the ring and he consoles her.  The two embrace and he walks her to the back. 

The following week, while Benoit is wrestling, Chavo Guerrero comes down to interfere, but rather than retaliate, Benoit grabs the mic and cuts a promo about how disappointed Eddie Guerrero would be in him.  He talks to him about how much he misses Eddie Guerrero and how much he misses the closeness he also had with Chavo, reducing Eddie’s nephew to tears.  Chavo and Benoit leave together. 

Over time, Rey Mysterio comes back and Chavo still feels that he tried to use Eddie’s memory to his advantage.  Benoit tries to separate the two when Dean Malenko comes out and suddenly involves the WWE and Vince McMahon, accusing them of getting into everyone’s ear and using Eddie Guerrero to further their product when he could no longer work in the ring.  He accuses the WWE of using Eddie’s memory to further their objectives. 

And then, the moment comes, the formation of the New Radicals, a team that declares war on the WWE in the name of Eddie Guerrero

We can go tasteless and have them target Ken Kennedy for being his last opponent and blame the hard chairshot that occurred in their last match as a contributing factor in Eddie’s demise.  That thought actually sickens me, just writing it, but we all know the WWE

They can target Batista for feigning a closeness to Eddie Guerrero that never existed just to make himself look good in the eyes of the fans.  So much can be done here and it would add edginess to Smackdown that would get people talking again.  Would it work?  I don’t know, but it’s worth a try. 

So, what happens now that DX is out of commission?  I mean, strangely, this turn of events actually hurts TNA, too.  I mean, without DX, the Voodoo Kin Mafia doesn’t really have a target anymore.  Would it be weird of them to claim that they used voodoo to cause HHH to be injured and declare victory over DX?  HAHA.  That actually made me laugh. 

But seriously, I have an idea for the WWE.  With HBK having to fend for himself, wouldn’t it be great to sign Scott Hall and X-Pac to short term deals and keep DX alive until HHH comes back.  We all know Hall’s problems, but he doesn’t even need to be used on a weekly basis.  He just needs to be there to help out when Edge, Randy Orton ad Rodimer (who is supposedly going to align with them according to some reports) attack HBKX-Pac can go in the ring.  He has proven himself time and time again and it would be interesting to see him let loose on some new opponents for a little while.  Maybe he still has it.  I would love to see X-Pac vs. Jeff Hardy somewhere down the line.  It would certainly bring an air of unpredictability to the WWE that is needed these days. 

I hated the Donald Trump skit.  I laughed at the initial impressions, but overall, it was just horrible. 

Why did they stop CM Punk’s push?  I mean, Hardcore Holly has reinvented himself on ECW and there are some diehard Holly fans, but fans were certainly cheering CM Punk in his matches.  Losing to Hardcore Holly just came at a very bad time.  It was an ill advised move that may hurt the ECW brand in the long run.  CM Punk has the ability to be the next Chris Benoit and the guy they can build a company around if they allowed him to wrestle as he did for Ring of Honor, but that might be an idea that is dead in the water after what I saw. 

I hate the continuous swerves involving Abyss and didn’t they do the same thing with Kane back in the day? 

So, is Tommy Dreamer tougher than John Cena?  He took the beating from the Great Khali like a man and I was actually happy to see him able to get back up and raise his arm up in the air in a declaration of victory.  Great booking.  Tommy Dreamer is the man.  He is actually my favorite wrestler in the WWE right now.  He is real and for the same reason we loved Steve Austin, you have to love Dreamer.  He’s the Rocky of the WWE

Well, I am done for the day.  Counting down the days until MTV’s vision of wrestling begins.  Looking forward to it.  I will see you all next week.  Until then, keep it in the ring.  Peace

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