Badseed's Bottomline #407:

I Am Just Wondering...

By Badseed

Hey yo!  Remember the song, Things That Make You Go Hmmm…?  Well, dust off the record again, because a lot going on in wrestling has me scratching my chin and wondering…

Is HBK, by himself, better than HBK when he’s with HHH?  I mean, DX had its hands full with Orton and Edge, but while he did take a beating, HBK ended up laying out his foes all by himself. Who needs HHH?  Since he’s “dead,” maybe HBK could be called the new One Man Gang

How serious were we supposed to take Orton and Edge laying out Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Am I supposed to believe every wrestler in the back was scared off by Orton and Edge attacking two over-the-hill wrestlers, and does that include John Cena, since as world champion, he’s supposed to be fearless and help the cause of his fellow wrestlers?  That’s what Hulk Hogan used to do and since DX helped him out once, why wouldn’t John Cena do the same?  Is he a coward? 

Don’t hit me with how John Cena has his hands full with Umaga.  That’s nonsense.  He had his hands full with Umaga, Federline, Johnny Nitro and Coach and he still went over to Smackdown to help Batista battle Finley and King Booker.  Why help out someone on a different brand and not defend someone on your own?  I mean, wouldn’t it have made at least some sense to have him shoot a backstage moment with HBK where he offered his help? 

Creative booked John Cena as the kind of wrestler who would and I am just questioning why suddenly he won’t. 

Does it mean that TNA won a battle when chants for the company and for VKM lead to the cancellation of PPV press conferences? 

Why did the VKM angle fizzle and turn into a call for women’s rights?  And wasn’t that whole awkward Christy Hemme segment worth it just to hear Kip James come out of nowhere and call her a slut?  That’s not nice, but the way he said it made me laugh hysterically. 

Were they pushing Matt Striker in the battle with CM Punk?  They certainly were not helping Punk’s career by having him wrestle such a competitive match with Striker, the man everyone hates.  And they certainly weren’t helping Punk by having him need Kelly Kelly’s interference to get the win. 

Was the WWE just asking for it when they had the Alpha Male battle Cassidy Reilly?  How do you not expect TNA chants when you have two former TNA wrestlers battle it out in the ring? 

Monty Brown!  His name is Monty Brown.  And he is not from the Animal Kingdom.  Oh God did I hate that.  It makes him look like a cartoon character when they say stupid stuff like that.  They might as well had him wear ceremonial attire like they did when The Rock first debuted. 

Monty Brown has a history that could be capitalized on, but McMahon has to trademark names and now that he has done so, he totally takes away from the Alpha Male character.  Brown can still talk on the mic, but he didn’t sound like he did in TNA.  There was no pounce call and something was definitely missing.  I did love the way he responded to the What chants.  Facial expressions can be hilarious when done at the right moment and time.  They add to the character.  I jut hope Brown can get through this ridiculous name they gave him.

Is Batista still the Smackdown champion?  Oh, I couldn’t tell lately. 

Loving The Undertaker vs. Batista at Wrestlemania.  That’s a match that has that true Wrestlemania feel to it.  I’ve missed that over the years.  A championship vs. an undefeated streak. That should be the final match of the card. 

Forget the Hardies, The World’s Greatest Tag-Team and DX…are we going to soon see a reformation of the APA?  First, JBL attacks Masters at Christmas in Iraq and then Ron Simmons challenges Masters on Raw (did it make no sense whatsoever to have Super Crazy attack?)  Get Masters a partner and battle APA at Wrestlemania.  That would be one awesome moment. 

I wonder if this would be a great Wrestlemania lineup (Let me Know):

Main Events:

Undertaker vs. Batista (That one is a given the way things are playing out)

Cena vs. HBK (With HHH out, HBK needs a high profile match)

Lashley vs. RVD (RVD should be a heel by this time)

The Undercard:

MNM vs. Hardy Boys in a cage match (makes sense, right?)

APA vs. Masters and ?

Cryme Tyme vs. WGTG

Kendrick and London vs. Those Grease Wannabes

Hogan vs. Khali (Replicate the Andre-Hogan battle of 20 years ago)

Orton vs. Edge (they have to split up soon)

Money in the Bank Match (CM Punk, Test, Umaga, Carlito, Mr. Kennedy, Chris Benoit)

Well, that’s all for this week.  Next week, I will discuss the recently fired wrestlers and point out what I would have done from a creative standpoint.  Until then, Peace. 

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