Badseed's Bottomline #409:

The Road to Wrestlemania Begins

By Badseed

Hey yo!  Usually, around this time, wrestling starts to pick up a bit.  The WWE really has to step up its game to get people ready for their biggest show of the year and TNA needs to keep up the pace.  It’s also a good time to launch a wrestling promotion when wrestling fans are most excited about the time of year. 

In my opinion, it made no sense for Undertaker to win the Rumble since it was almost obvious that he would be taking on Batista from the way shows have been booked.  Batista and Undertaker’s collisions as of late could be easily written into a program for the title, so why did Undertaker need to win the match. 

Here is where I admit to being wrong.  I do that.  Finally, great booking prevails.  Undertaker has always done poorly at the Rumble so this was a big win for him in what could easily be his last year in the WWE.  I mean, you never can tell.  He doesn’t look old at all and his gimmick has not gone stale so he could go on two or three years more and I would still be excited.  But if this was his last ride with the belt, he deserves to go out like the unstoppable force he was when he first arrived in the WWE

Plus, I love that they are playing up the hype around whether Undertaker will challenge for the Raw, ECW or Smackdown title.  It will give us a great main event at No Way Out featuring Undertaker and Batista vs. Cena and HBK.  I like that idea.  It could be a fun match and it will obviously lead to Undertaker vs. Batista and Cena vs. HBK like I have said in the past.  However, Randy Orton and Edge could fine their way into a match against each other like I originally thought or they could find their way into the Raw title program that will feature a four-way battle.  It hasn’t been done in some time and I think that will be cool. 

Big deal about TNA making Samoa Joe quit ROH.  That’s the way it goes.  The WWE doesn’t let their talent work elsewhere so why should TNA if they plan on expanding as a wrestling organization.  Plus, Samoa Joe has dealt with injuries and is having trouble wrestling with his weight with the same intensity every week, so to protect their investment, it was the right thing for TNA to drop the gauntlet and make Samoa Joe work TNA and not ROH.  If Joe doesn’t like it, when his contract is over, he can work ROH forever. 

Why do I feel that they should make Umaga a face and have him feud with Khali?  After losing to Cena, doesn’t it feel like Umaga needs a change? 

I like when they mix brands at times for tag-team matches between the Hardy Boys and MNM.  It’s good to allow those teams to get together every once in awhile without having them truly together.  And it’s fun to see Matt Hardy become an attraction that sells a PPV one day and then have him lose to a nobody the next.  Just weird. 

I think there should be more brand interaction, more so as it pertains to the Divas and the tag-teams.  Both brands would truly benefit from merging those groups together to create really strong divisions.  Both brands could have feuds over the #1 contender slot and the title could be defended at every PPV just like the old days.  That would really allow more Divas to shine and it would allow the tag-team division to flourish. 

I do not like Super Crazy on the Raw roster.  He doesn’t belong.  In actuality, I would prefer for the WWE to realign their divisions and put Super Crazy, Shannon Moore and Little Guido on Smackdown.  It makes more sense that way. 

Scotty Too Hotty on Raw.  Why?  Are they slowly going to bring back Too Cool and will it lead to Rikishi vs. Umaga in the future?  That would be hot.  Would Carlito lead Too Cool?  I’m just asking. 

Anyways, I think Carlito should come out one day and proclaim that he is not cool and that his pandering to the fans is not cool and you know what else isn’t cool…bam…he hits Torrie with the back cracker.  Awesome.  I am a genius. 

I love the Grease gimmick and love that they put them in squash matches to get them over. 

Batista’s whack!!!!

I miss Eddie Guerrero.  Is it me or did wrestling truly begin to suck when he passed away? 

Do you think HBK and Cena will form a Christian rap group and then feud with Cryme Tyme over the belts?  Didn’t Cryme Tyme earn a shot at the belts? 

Do you think Steve Austin is the guest referee in the match that pits Donald Trump’s selection against Vince McMahon’s charge? 

CM Punk lost to Matt Striker.  I don’t understand the logic.  Did you catch CM Punk rallying the fans behind him and did you hear the fans oblige?  Oh, I wasn’t talking to my readers…I was talking to Arn AndersonCM Punk could be the next Arn Anderson and no one is giving him a chance. 

RVD got beat cleanly by Hardcore Holly, although it looked like RVD gave him some trouble on the finisher.  Still, both CM Punk and RVD end up looking horrible in what were decent matches.  I hear the WWE doesn’t want them to ever become stars for TNA.  Can you hear the conversation? 

“I know we had you guys lose all those matches.  Sorry Rob, but we really wanted to push Trinity.  And Punk…we weren’t trying to slight you by having you lose that match to Little Bastard.  We just thought it would be funny. Anyways, how would you like to sign a contract to work with us for another year?  We’re thinking maybe one more year of losses and then maybe a win or two.  What do you guys think?  Huh?  Huh?  Come on.  Sign right here.”

I liked the main theme of ECW, which took the Heyman vs. Originals storyline and actually put it out there in the open with Vince McMahon leading the charge against the Originals.  After Vince is done feuding with Donald Trump at Wrestlemania, I think the time would be right to have a new GM at Raw and move Vince over to ECW where this storyline can continue.  I would like to see Elijah Burke and the Alpha Male join Test, Hardcore Holly and Matt Striker against Sabu, RVD, Sandman, Tommy Dreamer and Balls Mahoney.  It would be even better if both groups tried to get CM Punk to join their side with the fact that CM Punk may be new, but he fits the old ECW style better.  If McMahon was smart, he would bring back Heyman to finish out his contract and have Heyman rejoin his old cohorts in the feud, as the Originals leader who was forced to do McMahon’s bidding.  That would be a cool storyline.  Probably won’t happen at all. 

It will be great to see Scott Steiner back in TNA.  He gives them much more depth at the heel level.  Right now, there are too many faces.  Even Abyss seems to be a face at times.  AJ Styles isn’t cutting it as a top-level heel for the moment, but in time, I think he will do fine.  Maybe Raven’s group can start going somewhere. 

Sting vs. Abyss looks like Sting vs. Vampiro every day…just atrocious. 

Can Team 3D get the damn belts already.  This is the most ridiculous chase I have ever seen for a title.  And they give up opportunities, option for revenge and do so more than once.  Bad booking.  Team 3D’s ultimate revenge would be to win the titles vs. their opponents.  The thrill of the hunt is dead.  The chase has gone stale.  Time to just give them the titles. 

A TNA women’s division sounds cool, especially if they sign Lita.  With Trish’s show getting canned by CBS, maybe she would go over to TNA, too.  The schedule is much more conducive to her married life.  It would make much more sense for her.  And it would be a huge boost to TNA.  Add Ivory, Molly Holly and the recently released Jazz to the mix…throw in a Japanese star every once in awhile and TNA could break some ground like they did with the X Division.  Do what the others can’t.  WWE can’t match the X Division.  They can’t match the tag-team division.  Now, do the same for the women. 

Saw Gridiron Gang the other day.  Loved it.  Rock really can act.  Very surprising.  Highly recommended. 

Saw WSX and I loved it.  The federation featured Matt Sydal and Jack Evans in a great opening battle and then the Rumble match was crazy.  I do fear that they went a little too over the top with all the violence (which seemed fake), but this show was a great way to get the fan’s notice.  I will be there watching next week. 

And until then, let the countdown to Wrestlemania begin.  Peace.

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