Badseed's Bottomline #411:

This Column is Subject to Change

By Badseed

Hey yo!!  I heard some shocking news about the WWE this week.  What I was going to write about would have been probably my greatest column to date.  It would have been exciting.  It would have been talked about for years.  It would have revolutionized columns from here on out.  I decided to just write a regular column instead. 

How does the WWE announce and promote a thrilling ladder rematch between Regal and Taylor, London and Kendrick, MNM and the Hardy Boys one week and then decide to cancel the match, eliminate two of the companyís biggest stars from what would have been a great match and then decide to give us London and Kendrick vs. Deuce and Domino?  Are you serious?

Thatís like telling your child you are going to take them to the store and buy them ice cream and then deciding at the last minute that carrots would be a better choice. 

I do not get the logic behind that.  Letís get one thing straight.  Jeff Hardy is the IC champion and thatís great, but in all honesty, what has he done since winning the IC title that has been great outside of this feud with MNM?  He has lost repeatedly to wrestlers like Umaga and Khali.  He then went on to beat wrestlers he should beat, like Ric Flair and Chris Masters.  But nothing he has done as a singles wrestler suggests he will ever go beyond where he is at today. 

Matt Hardy is languishing in meaningless feuds on Smackdown.  He feuded with Animal after an intense rivalry with Edge.  He had a great series of matches with Gregory Helms, but for what Ė the cruiserweight title was not on the line and neither wrestler was elevated by the feud.  He has finally entered into something meaningful.  People are talking about the Hardies reunion and the feud with MNM.  Why pull the plug on something that can move merchandise? 

Bring Shannon Moore into the picture and Gregory HelmsÖeven Joey MercuryÖand create Team Omega and change it up a bit, like they did when the Hart Foundation reunited or when DX got back together.  But donít end the reunion when it was just getting interesting and when there are so many great match ideas that could come from their pairing.  It makes no sense.  Separated, neither is booked right, but together, it is a writerís dream.  Whatís the deal? 

Where is Joey Mercury going to go after this feud if he is not a part of a team?  How is Johnny Nitro expected to go far when he can barely put together convincing words and get people behind his character?  MNM needs to be together longer, too.  And right now is the perfect opportunity.  It makes no sense to keep them separate.  (Turns out they decided to put them together anyways in a match that is far lamer than the one promised.  Ridiculous.)

Deuce and Domino look like they will be a great tag-team, but they are more suited for Raw, which on the NBC owned USA Network, would have meant cross-promotion between wrestling and that atrocious Grease show that could use all the help it can get.  The tag-team is great and I see a bright future for them, but I am tired of watching teams get immediate pushes when they only beat two jobber teams.  They should still be wrestling other pairings before even entertaining a PPV match with the tag-team champions.  And when they replace a great match the fans wanted to see, what does it do for the pressure they now face to deliver in a match everyone expects wonít reach the caliber of a great ladder match. 

Plus, the tag-team champions are not even feuding with Deuce and Domino.  There is no heat between the teams, so why, as I expect will happen, should they lose the belts now.  Place London and Kendrick into a meaningful program. They deserve it after carrying the division for as long as they have.  Make them beat Deuce and Domino and then have them complain that they have overcome every challenge before themÖleading them to defend their belts against Raw teams.  That could be fun, too.  Do something interesting instead of what seems to be the same thing every time a title changes hands in the tag-team division. 

New team gets together, they win belts.  Old team splits and feuds.  Boring.  Be innovative.  If thatís the job of Creative, sign me up.  I can do that every month. 

Now, on to other things.  I love the Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle pairing.  There is something about this union that screams Rock and Austin.  And in a weird way, with Samoa Joe being Samoan and Kurt Angle being bald and having his own interesting history with Austin, it is actually very reminiscent of that old pairing with a new fresh look.  I love it.  I want to see more of it. 

The idea of a Christian Coalition is really cool.  AJ Styles and Christian are an awesome pairing and you throw in Scott Steiner and Tyson Tomko into the mix and you have a pretty sweet look that has a lot of storylines they can run with.  Steiner and Tomko canít co-exist so what happens when Jeff Jarrett comes back.  That, alone, could make for an awesome storyline that doesnít even need to involve a belt.  TNA is always breaking ground on these types of shades of grey feuds.  Keep it up. 

I am tired of LAX vs.Team 3D.  This feud is going nowhere.  The titles are being lost in the shuffle.  It is time to do something with those belts.  Give Team 3D the titles already.  And didnít they kick Machete out of the group?  I donít understand. 

What happened to Christopher Daniels

Is it me or have they run AJ Styles vs. Rhino into the ground already?  Has Rhino even won a match without it being marred in some sort of controversy?  I mean, he beat AJ Styles in the last man standing match, but AJ Styles basically quit.  They are making Rhino look bad here by having him be outsmarted so much.  I do, however, look forward to their next match.  Sounds interesting and I am happy it doesnít even involve a title. 

Where are the tag-teams in TNA?  We touched upon LAX and Team 3D crap that we have been fed as of late.  The Naturals are pretty much gone.  Americaís Most Wanted split up.  VKM hasnít had a real feud in how long?  Are they going to do anything with another team?  Team Serotonin has done nothing.  The Paparazzi team had a chance, but was split up for reasons I donít understand considering how Alex Shelley actually videotaped Starr and Chris Sabin beating up an opponent after they had supposedly split up.  Will Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt do anything as a team other than becoming the butt of Kevin Nash jokes?  We need tag-teams.  Thatís what made TNA so cool.  They are going the way of the WWE lately when it comes to the division.  Fix that. 

I am not saying whatís obvious, but when it comes to SnitskyÖitís pretty obvious.  And what was up with him beating up Lashley one week and then CM Punk the next.  They really didnít go anywhere with that yet.  I am interested, but not really.  I just want CM Punk to be involved in something meaningful again. 

Those guys in WSX move fastÖtoo fast.  Give them an hour timeslot, because the stories are lost in the action.  Even TNA needs a two-hour timeslot.  30 minutes is just too little and when it is all done in some strange season format, I canít see WSX lasting long.  People will forget about it once the initial hype is over.  MTV also doesnít have a great track record with new shows.  Spiderman was awesome and they never aired a second season despite a lot of buzz behind the show.  I will continue to give it a chance.  I want it to succeed.  We need it to succeed. 

Great to see Roddy Piper back in the WWE.  Great to see Dusty Rhodes honored for his achievements.  Great to see it ruined by UmagaÖoh waitÖit wasnít.  Umaga beat up legends.  Wow.  Will we be calling him the Legend Killer next?  No.  So, why bother?  It did nothing for his push.  Umagaís loss to Cena is basically the end of his career in the WWE.  I canít see Creative coming up with anything for him outside of a move to Smackdown

I love that Carlito is showing some fire again.  I hope they go somewhere with this.  He deserves it.  I donít care what they say.  I have enjoyed every match and moment thus far.  I would like them to get rid of Torrie, though. 

Loved the main event on Raw.  Thatís the kind of stuff I want to see more of.  These stories are interestingÖnot Donald Trump vs. McMahon.  Real fans can see right through that and it further devalues the sport.  Mike Tyson belongs in the WWE.  Donald Trump is just weird and unbelievable.  I think it actually hurts Trump a lot to take part in such a storyline. 

Wrestling is really wearing me down as of late.  I hope Wrestlemania changes things.  I feel so negative these days.  I want to be positive again.  Someone restore my faith in wrestling.  Tell me why I am wrong.  Why is the WWE still great?  Someone tell me in detail.  Peace.


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