Horror Novella

Blue November Storms

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Written by: Brian Freeman

Published by: Cemetery Dance

Reviewed by Ismael Manzano


     I was very excited when my review copy of Blue November Storms, by Brian Freeman, finally arrived, because it was recommended to me by an author whose book—Black Fire—I reviewed months earlier.  Blue November Storms also has the distinction of being the first novella I’ve ever read and reviewed for this site.  I wasn’t sure what to expect and am glad to say that Mr. Kidman did not steer me wrong with his recommendation.

     A once in a lifetime meteor shower is coming to Beacon Point, and five old high school friends reunite to bear witness to it, an already memorable event made more remarkable because one of them had been presumed dead years.  Together—Matt, Joe, Steve Adam and Harry—were known at the Lightening Five both for their abilities in football and for the heroic act they took part in twenty years ago.  But fame and guilt drove Adam to leave Beacon Point shortly afterwards, leaving behind only a note that led his friends to believe he had killed himself. 

     Reunited at last, the Lightening Five pick up right where they left off, never suspecting Adam’s ulterior motive for suddenly reentering their lives.  But when the meteors, beautiful and bright blue, fall too close for comfort, the group of friends takes action to investigate.  They find a meteorite in the woods behind the cabin they’d built as teenagers and are transfixed by its glowing blue light.  So transfixed in fact, they barely have time to come to their senses and realize that something is horribly wrong. 

     The animals, organized and eyes glowing with a strange blue hue, have turned against them and chase them back to the cabin where they keep the five friends trapped and cut off from the rest of the world.  With no food, only a few ammunitions, and no way of escaping, can the Lightening Five stave off the wild beasts possessed by beautiful blue light of the fall meteorite? 

     Blue November Storms—what a great read.  The prose was swift and fluid, engaging and descriptive, and the characters were well written and fleshed out despite the length constraints of the story.  Freeman did an excellent job of drawing the reader in and making them feel for the characters and the mystery of Adam’s motives for returning to Beacon Point was a great tease and kept me turning pages.  My only regret is that the story was too short; I think there was easily enough material in the novella to make a full-length novel without taking anything away from the plot or diminishing the characters in any way, but as it stands, Blue November Storms is thoroughly enjoyable.  Buy it.  Borrow it.  Just read it.

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