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Reviewed by Justine Manzano    

     Gone but never forgotten.  Thatís how all the major fans of the cult hit television seriesí Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel have felt since Buffy went off the air in 2003 and Angel was subsequently canceled the year after.  The shows made such an incredible impact on fans that one particular group put together a popular and fun posting board called Buffy-Boards which can be accessed at

     The administrators of Buffy-Boards swore they would never keep the site open if it began to get stale with the cancellation of the shows.  I should know.  After joining the site in February of 2003, I worked my way from regular member to moderator to head moderator of the site, mostly because I just love posting there.

     The site is split into forums including Board News, Latest Show News which has now become an area where people discuss the latest projects of show actors as well as all spin-off discussion and multimedia releases such as games, CDís, books, and the like.  There is a forum for every season of each show as well as one for each character and crew member, where various themes are discussed ranging from whoís the sexiest actor on the show to the historic significance of crosses in vampire stories. 

     Itís strange to have that kind of range in active posters at a posting board, but thatís what shows like Buffy and Angel bring to their audience-a wide variety of genres.  And their audience comes in much the same way.  Buffy-Boards has a great familial and supportive environment as shown in the Check-In Section where new members are warmly welcomed, as well as Angel Investigations, where help topics are posted for anyone knowledgeable enough to answer.  This family atmosphere has been fostered by the recent addition of board ďdormitoriesĒ in which members are randomly sorted into dormitories where they can chat it up about more personal topics with members they may have never spoken with in the past.  Itís a wonderful way of meeting new people.

     There is a forum on Buffy and Angel Conventions as well as an International Forum where posters can discuss the show in their native language.  An off-topic forum is available where members can discuss other topics and there are forums to post Buffyverse art and fan fiction in as well as a game room to play show or board related games.  There is a picture gallery for fans to trade pictures from the show and member awards are given out quarterly in categories that honor the best artist, best writer, or most unique poster.  These are voted on by the members, so nobody feels left out.

     This board is very interesting and itís administrators always throw in new features to keep the members on their toes.  As great as the site is, it would be nothing without itís great members, for the familial relationship between them and their welcoming attitude are traits rarely found on other boards and make this board unique.  So, if you are a Buffyverse fan and are looking for an intelligent and fun place to discuss the show despite itís cancellation, check out  You are sure to love it. 


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