Easy Listening

California Son

Artist: Tripsitter

Produced by: Jeff and Jon Celentano

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            The very first track of California Son by Tripsitter is a perfect outline for what the rest of the album has in store for its listeners.  Intro is a harmonic blending of the voices of each member of the band – Jeff Celentano, Jon Celentano, Rusty Petersen, Jared Dalley and Matt Bennett.  The harmony and the music take us back to the days of the Beach Boys.  With that very first track, which has no lyrics to speak of, the listener envisions pure white sand beaches with a crystal blue ocean lapping at the shore.

            With each successive track, California Son reveals the major influences behind each of Tripsitter’s band members.  Imagine the Beatles crossing over with the Beach Boys.  Terrific harmonies, soothing sounds, and well-thought out lyrics lie within each of the tracks, with the exception of Intro, Outro, and Wavestrumental, which are all instrumental.  Play these songs for any member of the 60s and 70s generation and they will swear that this group originated at that time.  They would be amazed to discover that California Son was produced in 2004.

            The harmonic voices combined with the music provide an aesthetically soothing sound.  The Tripsitter’s music is not in tune with the times and that’s what makes their album so enjoyable.  Different from the bands we hear daily on major radio stations, Tripsitter is a band that every generation can enjoy.  California Son has something for everyone – love ballads, self-discovery songs, fun tunes, and more. 

            One particularly enjoyable track is Positively Thomas, a funny song that tells a story and leaves the listener with an important fact about life.  Thomas has never really shown anyone who he is.  His entire life he has been keeping secrets.  As the song goes on, Thomas hides more and more secrets – in the closet, under the mattress, and the worst…hidden in the basement!  Thus, never revealing himself to anyone, Thomas is doomed to live a lonely life surrounded by his overflowing secrets.  The song is bouncy and fun and extremely catchy.  By the end of the track, you’re singing along and chuckling at Thomas’ silliness.

            It’s easy to understand why  Tripsitter  has a tremendous fan base, which includes actor Dennis Quaid and members of the Beach Boys.  Once you hear a few tracks of the album California Son, you’ll be hooked.  This CD is a must buy!

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