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Can't Stop, Won't Stop: A History of the Hip Hop Generation

A review of the website based on the hit book by Jeff Chang

Published By: St. Martin's Press

By Jon Minners

Let the Links Guide You:   A History of the Hip Hop Generation      A Review of the Book

     Canít Stop, Wonít Stop: A History of the Hip Hop Generation is one of the most profound looks at Hip Hop history ever written today. The book looks beyond the parameters described as Hip Hop history by mainstream society and instead also looks at the events that led to the cultureís birth all while examining where Hip Hop may be headed in the future. For those who want more, there is a website with the same name.

     Author Jeff Chang has stated that Hip Hop history and its future goes beyond what is discussed in his 450+ page book, believing that the culture keeps reinventing itself through other forms of art and expression. Chang also states that there is a unique sound coming out from the underground, much different than what is heard on the radio, with artists hustling about and selling their unique work on the streets to get their sound to the public. In addition, a new birth of Hip Hop activism has emerged fighting the exploitation of Hip Hop. All this is explored much further at www.cantstopwontstop.com.

     This is the perfect extension to the superb book with some unique and very important historical, present and pertinent information. The site is nicely laid out with a lot of information on each page without the clutter normally seen on similar sites. The front page contains the latest news on Hip Hop that hasnít already been discussed to death on various other Hip Hop sites. There is a taste of a Q&A session with Chang, as he discussed Hip Hop and his latest book. There are also links that send you to some interesting stories about some of the people, like the Ghetto Brothers and the Rock Steady Crew and some important topics, like the politics of Hip Hop, that have advanced the culture from past to present.

     The book link takes viewers to a detailed summary of the book, along with an informative Q&A, excerpts, interviews and what other people are saying about Canít Stop, Wonít Stop. There is even a link for a blog page that allows members to discuss important topics in Hip Hop. Hard Knocks Radio, a groundbreaking Hip Hop talk show discusses how it has been under attack as of late with some controversial issues such as payola being discussed. There is a look at Hip Hop Feminism and the slow decline of R&B.

     Word is a link to some articles by Chang that take a look at Jin, the Asian-American rapper from Ruff Ryders and the continued backlash against graffiti. The Power link takes web surfers to information about Hip Hop activism and describes how fans can have a voice with links to a number of community and Hip Hop activist organizations that are taking a stand. Over at the Stuff link, viewers can buy the book, t-shirts and more. There is a link dedicated to a short biography about Chang and then there is a Dates link that allows fans to find out where and when they can discover more about Hip Hop right in their own community.

     If you are a Hip Hop fan, the book is a must and if you really love Hip Hop, www.cantstopwontstop.com will satisfy your true Hip Hop needs.


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