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Chyna's If They Only Knew...

By Badseed

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Chyna has always been one of my favorite wrestlers. I have followed her career since she started out kicking Marlena's ass. There was something about her that had me in awe and throughout the years, I have seen her grow into a well-rounded character. But as of late I have grown tired of her character, and it was my hope that by reading her book, If They Only Knew, I would get back into her and be able to cheer for her once more. Of course, we all know that she has left the World Wrestling Federation in pursuit of superstardom. Unfortunately, this book didn't leave me wanting to see her in movies or on the small screen. In fact, it left me empty inside.

The book is just not that good. It does not even come close to the two efforts by Mick Foley nor it does it match the effort put forth by the Rock and his ghostwriter. Chyna's ghostwriter made it obvious this was not a story from the Ninth Wonder of the World. I feel as if things were edited to fit our screens if you know what I mean. Mick Foley knew when he first used a ghostwriter that the book did not sound like him at all, so he chose to do it all himself. Chyna either felt pressured to except the book as is, or just did not care. This book cannot be Chyna. It doesn't sound like her at all. A scene that is pretty much rape in the law's eyes just seems like another day at the office for Chyna. It is almost as if she just blows it off, takes a deep breath, stretches, and just walks away from it all as if it did not happen. Here is how that scene seems to play out to me: Oh, well, I got drunk and when I woke up I had some guy's unit in my face. Damn, I hate when that happens. I just know that if she was really writing this book, she would have written it with more emotion.

Chyna is an empowering person and her life story could have been more powerful if she wrote it in her own words, because there was definitely something missing. The book was all over the place at times. Critics said the book was controversial, but I did not think so at all. In fact, she withheld names too much as if she was scared for her career. I guess I shouldn't have gotten so used to Mick Foley's honesty?

Also, this book is not really 318 pages. There were many pictures and chapter breaks that added to the length of this book. One thing that really annoyed me were the inaccuracies that appear on several occasions in the book. From what I remember Chyna and HHH were involved in a cage match with Foley at Summerslam, which is always held in August. It was the same PPV before DX was formed, but in this book, she has December as the PPV date. That just bothers me. There is no reason for mistakes when these things are archived and on videotape. Some research would have helped. I did not need any to remember, so how could the actual participant forget?

While I understand wrestling wasn't the main point of this book it would have been nice to have her feelings about storylines, feuds, friendships, and more. There is nothing really here for real wrestling fans.

Overall the book was a semi-decent read. I enjoyed the glimpse I got of her life, but like I said earlier, I felt empty at story's end. If They Only Knew...well, then whenever you are ready Chyna?



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