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Distributed by: Warner Brothers

Reviewed by Ismael Manzano


      Constantine, based on the DC Comics/Vertigo Hellblazer Graphic Novels, is the story of John Constantine(Keanu Reeves), a man gifted with the ability to see demons and who has taken it upon himself to fight them when conventional methods fail.  Piled onto Johnís struggle, is the knowledge that he will surely end up in hell when he diesówhich, due to terminal disease, is not far off. 

      Rachel Weisz is Angela, a psychic cop, who is led to Constantine when her sister inexplicably commits suicide.  The movie picks up steam when John learns of a plot by the devilís son to cross over to the human world, something which he thinks is impossible and has never been done before.  With the Spear of Destiny, the blade used to pierce Jesusí side while he hung on the cross, the followers of Satan seek a powerful psychic with which to open the gateway into our world. 

     Thrust into a plot that might just be too big for him to handle, Constantine must fight against an ever bolder legion of demons and Satan himself, if he is to Angela and save the world.  But with his illness growing steadily worse and both sides seemingly against him, can John do what must be done before he dies? 

     Shia LaBeouf, as Chas, adds a comical twist to the movieís dark presence, playing Constantineís faithful but wisecracking sidekick and wannabe demon hunter. 

     In the backdrop of a city filled with demons, fallen angels, and every brand of dark creature you can imagine, the movie is richly textured and intricately detailed. While the special effects are excellent and the imagery is demonically fun to watch, Keanu Reevesí performance sometimes leaves much to be desired.  Hard though he might try, it seems Keanu as Constantine, can not shed the unintelligent surfer persona that has followed him throughout his career.  While I admit that it may not be his faultóhe simply looks out of place in this roleóI feel that the strength of the movie was partially diminished with him as the lead. 

      Overall, I like the movie, though I did think some points, such as the use of dragonís breath and cross-imprinted, brass knuckles, was entirely idiotic.  Iíd recommend this movie to anyone with more than a little knowledge or interest in theology, but not to anyone with strict religious beliefs.  To the former, Iím sure Constantine will leave with plenty of fodder for your next round table discuss. 

     To everyone else, thereís enough action and scary images to keep you interested, with a not-really-a-surprise twist at the end to ensure a happy ending for those of you who like that sort of thing.  Personally, I might have gone another direction, something less Hollywood, but thatís just me. 

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