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Dane Cook: A Comedian For My Generation

By Jon Minners

Riding to Bronxville with my friend, it was his car and he controlled the radio.  A car alongside us was blaring 50 Cent; its driver bobbing his head up and down, smashing his fingers in rhythm outside the windows against his car door.  To the left of us, some girl was singing some teen angst love song; tears running down her face.  A low-rider came by bouncing to the beats of Reggaeton.  We were blaring Dane Cook and I never had a more enjoyable ride.  

Dane Cook begins the CD release, Retaliation, with a joke near and dear to my heart where he discusses witnessing something he has anticipate and hoped for all his life; a man getting hit by a car; a man he calls Johnny Tambourine because of the peculiar way he walks across the street.  Like Cook, I too always miss such an exhilarating moment because I turned my head to buy a hot dog or in Cook’s case, a twisty cone.  And there in lies the humor.  Cook uses words, like twisty cone, that also make you laugh. And he’ll stress words and annunciate them in a funny way to get the same humorous affect.  Cook’s delivery of jokes is just flawless and he makes fun of things we all make fun of, so there is a connection between him and the audience. 

How many other people just want to fire a bullet into the chest of someone wearing a Superman shirt and when they bleed say, “I didn’t think so.  You should have worn a shirt that said I bleed if you shoot me in the chest plate and maybe I wouldn’t have shot you.”

Cook makes fun of drivers who turn into your driveway to make a u-turn, one day promising to threaten to cut the next such driver’s head off if he does it again and then worrying that the driver will come back and he will have to act on his threat.  He will make fun of America’s politics with other countries and how he fears that one day karma will bite us in the ass and we will be invaded by aliens that will just happen to look like giant Native Americans.  He calls Burger King, the BK Lounge and like Quentin Tarantino, he tells a joke about cutting someone in like by starting with the punch line and working from there; a truly unique and funny concept. 

My favorite jokes included ones about having a pet monkey, looking for the car that will make you a true BMF; a vehicle he calls the CT 2005 – Cement Truck 2005; and there is one where he discusses how every group of friends has one douche in it.  Now, if you disagree, Cook informs you that you are the douche to which he is referring. 

The best joke has to do with super powers and how Cook wishes he can shoot spaghetti out of his fingertips.  Bad date; shoot the girl with spaghetti and simply say, “Enjoy your spaghetti – you’re rude.”  Now, try that everywhere you go.  “Enjoy your fart – you’re rude.”  It’s a catchphrase that never grows old. 

There is even a funny moment where Cook gets serious and shouts at a heckler and incorporates it into his routine.  Retaliation just rules - both CDs and the DVD that is included with them.  Obviously, I had to buy his first CD Harmful if Swallowed, which is just as funny as its sequel.  Cook truly relates with his audience and he knows the kind of humor we find funny.  He steps outside of the box and barely touches relationship jokes and those of the like.  Yes, they are there, but Cook’s jokes are more about everyday nothing and over the top outlandishness.  He invents words, sayings and phrases that you will be repeating for a long time. 

And now Cook is working on a new television project entitled Cooked and will be appearing at a number of venues around the U.S. real soon.  If you want to see what all the hype is about, check out www.danecook.com, which received over 250,000 visitors a month or buy the CDs; Retaliation, which debuted at #4 on the Billboard 200, making him the highest charting comedian in 25 years or Harmful if Swallowed, which sold 230,000 copies.  So many people cannot be wrong.  Grab your pet monkey, your douche friend, jump in your CT 2006 on the way to the BK Lounge and forget your Elephant Man, 50 Cent, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson or Linkin Park.  Enjoy your Dane Cook – you’re rude. 


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