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Reviewed by Ismael Manzano


     It begins with a highway accident and ends with a bang, and in between is a series of short stories that string together to form a poignant tale of prejudice, misunderstandings and lives crashing into each other. 

     The movie follows, among many othersóbut probably most central to the storylineóGraham Waters (Don Cheadle), an African American L.A. detective with a misguided younger brother, an addict mother, and a Latina lover (Jennifer Esposito).  The story starts off with a short scene involving Det. Waters, and leads into a carjacking scene that took place the day before.  This simple violent crime sparks a chain reaction in the life of Det. Waters, the repercussions and subtle nuances of which he can not possibly imagine. 

     For example: the victims of the carjacking were District Attorney, Rick Cabot (Brendan Fraser) and his wife.  In an attempt to spin what he fears will be a publicity nightmareóbecause the carjackers were blackóCabot, decides to push for the promotion of a black officer to show that he is color blind.  The man he chooses is Det. Waters, who, is being pressured by his superiors to suppress evidence in a shooting of another black cop that they suspect was dirty. 

     And thatís just one example of the interlocking stories of the movie.  Crash has many more similar tales like this, that show that every encounter has two sides and nothing is quite as black and white as it may appear at first.  Another example is when a black television producer, gets pulled over by a frustrated cop and must endure prejudice and humiliation first hand.  That frustration pushes him over the edge and leads him to a confrontation with the first cop's partner. 

     The movie is unique in that the protagonist of one story easily becomes the antagonist of another and vice versa, allowing for a multifaceted view of every character.  Crash is a must see movie.  Itís deep and meaningful, with a host of great actors and a no nonsense plot that cuts right to the heart of racism.  It doesnít preach or spout out useless platitudes, it merely shows the reality of life for some people, much the way the movie Grand Canyon did back in the nineties.  Only this movie, unlike Grand Canyon, is not for kids.  Itís a strictly adult movie, dealing with adult themes.  Go out and rent or buy it today; you wonít be disappointed.  

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