Feature Article

Cutting Back

What Price Must I Pay For A Little Entertainment?

by Dorothy Doremus



            Well, here it is a nice Saturday night and I am gearing up for my weekly night out with the girls.  Maybe we will take in a movie and perhaps dinner later…oh wait…it’s gonna have to be one or the other this week - I need to pay for gas.

            Unfortunately for many of us, the price of gas is going to be taking a chunk of money out of our budgets for entertainment and dining out.  I know this is really a terrible choice to make - dinner or movie.  I personally would prefer both, but the costs are too out of control. 

            Gas is over $3.00 per gallon and if I have to drive to the theater and then to a restaurant, that could cost me a bundle.  Not to mention picking up all my friends who are, shall we say, permanent pedestrians.  Maybe if I charge them a fare I can make up the difference and afford both, but that would just be wrong…or would it?

            I almost feel bad for the movie industry.  I said almost.  Why should I spend all that money to drive only to get to the theater and find that the movie I just paid $9.00 to see is really a horrible remake of a seventies television show?  You’ve got to be kidding me!!! Maybe if you made a movie worth watching, I wouldn’t mind.  Well, at least I had some decent popcorn – not – it’s air popped and made off site.  So now I am getting stale popcorn and a lousy remake for $20.00!

             The type of friends I have aren’t even content to go get a slice of pizza - they have to go to a restaurant.  I mean, what ever happened to going to an inexpensive diner for a burger?  I remember going out and paying $5.00 for the cheeseburger deluxe and being quite content.  What does The Cheesecake Factory have that a good diner doesn’t?  High Prices!!!

             The diners have something these restaurants lack.  They have music at your hands for a nickel.  That’s what I am talking about!  You put the nickel in the machine and pick a song out of the selection.  There are still diners where people and workers alike get up and dance.  Can you get that at Outback?  I think not!!

            So, I say why spend a lot of money on meals and entertainment when you don’t have to!  Go to Blockbuster and rent a classic that will not disappoint and save your self from re-make hell. Blockbusters are practically on every corner, therefore you won’t need to use gas.  You can walk. Then order a pizza and have them deliver it.  See?  You’ll be saving money and still getting all the entertainment you would get if you went out. I don’t know if your friends will approve, but if they don’t want to hang out at your house, tell them you can pick me up at 8!!


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