Science Fiction

Destiny's Door

Written by Judith Tracey

Published by Padwolf Publishing

By Jon Minners

Padwolf Publishing has never disappointed in the selection of books it distributes, but aside from the Murphy’s Lore series that has captivated the imagination of many readers throughout the globe, and the dramatic Evermore story, Destiny's Door by Judith Tracey has to be the best of the bunch.

The story follows Donald Thurman, a nerdy kid who loves computers.  He has a couple of friends, but gets no luck with the ladies unless he cybers with a gal on the 'Net.

One day, while surfing, Donald meets up with a species of extra-terrestrial electron beings on a search for God, who call themselves THEY. THEY hope to find out why they are on this planet, what their names are and how they came to be. THEY look to Donald for help, and he goes all out to help his newfound friends.  Once a computer geek, always a computer geek. 

Donald helps the beings create a web page called Destiny's Door where people can make wishes and THEY can help those people, essentially moving closer to God. While this is going on, Donald befriends one of the beings and names her Ariel, allowing her get closer to him than any of the other beings.  Ariel penetrates his body and takes control of it, allowing herself to learn all there is to know about human beings.

After Ariel leaves Donald's body, the group attempts to create a human body to live in on the outside world. However, their early attempts fail and now the only way to be like humans is to take over their bodies. Unfortunately Donald knows too much and is targeted by several beings of THEY before he can thwart their somewhat unorthodox plan.  Always loyal; Ariel comes to his safety.

Ariel, who is deeply in love with Donald, decides that in order to be with him she has to occupy the body of a past infatuation to win his love. This opens up a whole new can of issues concerning her species and her own ambition for survival.

This book was just magnificent. The author was able to make you feel for each character despite their choices. Donald was just an everyday guy who doesn't know where he fits into the world. Ariel was an everyday electron that had the same problems. While they were meant to be, it was pretty freaky how the whole relationship worked out.  But getting to that point is all the fun.  Tracey makes the unbelievable very believable and when you can make someone suspend their imagination, even for a minute, you have a successful story on your hands. 

Tracey makes it work because she pays attention to detail.  For example, Ariel's dialogue was magnificently handled. She slowly grows with each page, and more importantly, she grows on you, doing so despite her actions.

Tracey also breaks things up with chapters that contain stories that do not even appear to be related to Donald's. These stories are important though, because they help to explain the power of THEY. These intriguing little one-chapter stories have a Twilight Zone, Tales from the Darkside feel to them and pushed the plot along, eventually affecting Donald in the long run.

Judith Tracey is an exceptional writer. I didn't expect such an emotional story from what I was reading, but in the end I was all choked up. The end is a surprise, but I must say that I am upset that I have not heard any news of a sequel. I want to continue to read the adventures of Donald or Ariel. I have grown so attached to them. They have become a part of my world and if you read Destiny's Door, they will become a part of yours, too.                 


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