FEDS Documentary Volume One (2004)

Directed by Kwame Amoaku

Distributed by
Image Entertainment

Running Time: 86 minutes

Rated R (violence, strong language, graphic visuals)

Written By Jon Minners

Go to a magazine stand in New York and ask the man behind the counter for FEDS Magazine and chances are you wonít be able to get a copy.  No, it is not because no one carries it; itís because the magazine usually sells out each and every month it comes out as soon as it hits the stands. 

Finally Every Dimension of the Streets (FEDS) was created due to the lack of street credibility in any magazine on the market.  Itís the first magazine to take an in-depth look at the streets; even the underground illegal activity no magazine before it ever examined.  Created in the Bronx, the magazine show no feat and has picked up a following that has made it a hit amongst drug dealers, gang members, inmates and police officers alike. 

Now, the magazine has taken the next step by joining with the producers of DEF Comedy Jam and new filmmaker Kwame Amoaku for a DVD release that takes viewers through the gritty streets of New York, California and all in between.  This is something that has never been done the right way before.  FEDS is not even glorifying the negative of the streets, but rather, is telling it like it is and giving us an uncensored look at what goes on.  If anything, the graphic images and the truth behind the glitz and glamour you see in the movies will probably deter someone from the life presented in the magazine and on this DVD. 

Viewers will get an education about the history of both the South Central and Compton Bloods and Crips in an interview with original gangsters T. Rodgers and Michael Concepcion. 

Viewers will also take a look at the life of Pee Wee Kirkland, probably one of the most honorable hustlers in Harlem to make it out of the game and live to right the wrongs of his past.  The basketball great who is a legend in the streets tells it like it is, giving us the high points of street hustling and the far outweighing horrors that set him on the right path in life.  His dramatic stories are one to take note of; even when he is smiling, heís being very serious.  Having enjoyed watching him take part in Magic Johnsonís street ball reality series, this tale took on an extra special meaning to me; the story behind the legend. 

Another interesting tale highlights the rise of FEDS Magazine from its humble beginnings to its explosive success.  Antoine Clark created the magazine with barely any cash and through a family of trusted and dedicated writers, photographers and sales people; most of whom with little experience about how to publish a magazine; turned FEDS into a profitable publication that changed the face of street reporting. 

Finally, the first story set the gritty tone for the rest of the DVD as FEDS Magazine takes a hardcore look at the underground breeding, training, fighting and execution of pit bulls.  This absolutely frightening and downright saddening tale of how some people torture pit bulls for the sake of an underground sport that makes millions is captivating and heart wrenching.  Actual dog fights are shown including graphic footage of brutal battles and discussions on what happens to champion dogs and defeated dogs.  It just hits hard.  Watching a dog be electrocuted to death and then stuffed in a garbage bag because it was considered weak is disgusting and to know that there are actual underground magazines that provide fight reports and odds along with advertising, leaves a horrible taste in oneís mouth and makes a viewer want to take action. 

This is the streets.  These are the stories that no one has told.  This is what happens.  These are the problems that need to be addressed.  You didnít know before, but because of FEDS Magazine, now you know.  And more will come.  A sneak preview of a future release on the notorious Jamaican shottas in Jamaica has whetted the appetite for more stories that need to be told.  

There are many magazines that think they are the source of what goes down in the streets, but FEDS gets it right, the way it needs to be told - Finally Every Dimension of the Streets


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