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Mick Foley's
Have A Nice Day!

By Badseed

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    One independent legend that proved you could go from the small time to the big time is Mick Foley...aka...Cactus Jack...aka...Dude Love...aka...Mankind. This "Rocky" of professional wrestling has taken his hugely sports entertainment career and turned it into a tremendous writing career.

     Have a Nice Day was a tremendous book, that reached number one on the New York Times Best Sellers List. Not content on having a ghostwriter pen his biography, Foley did it all himself with a pen and a lot of spiral notebooks. He is the reason why that book went to number one all those months ago. How do you make a tremendously successful hardcore book a tremendously successful soft-cover book? Two words: bonus chapter.

     The soft-cover edition is as thick as the Bible, and it may be the bible for wrestling as Mick Foley hits every point that should be made about wrestling. He covers his nasty injuries, which include a missing ear, concussions, a fall off the top of a cage, etc., etc., etc. He covers the psychology that goes into a match, how certain matches don't always go the way you planned and why he feels certain matches he fought are his favorites.

     Mick Foley takes you on the road with him from the hotel stays, to what it is like driving from town to town with a group of wrestlers. He takes you inside what it's like to wrestle in the independents to Puerto Rico, Japan, and the big three.

     There is no topic left uncovered by this wrestling legend. He even takes you into his personal life; from the hurtful moments he had with women to the day he met his wife. All this is done in a very humorous manner, in only the way a guy who used a sock puppet in wrestling, could do.

     In this bonus chapter, Foley lets you know about the making of this book, his thoughts on the moments leading up to his retirement, and what he thinks about wrestlers and their futures in the sport.

     I love this book. It is truly hysterical at times, downright sad at others, and wonderfully informative throughout. I have followed Foley's career from when he was Cactus Jack and won the King of the Death Match series in Japan. In fact, I remember a time when he was called Cactus Jack Manson in the USWA. I followed him onto WCW, throughout the UWF, Smokey Mountain, and ECW. I cheered like wild when he came to the WWF as Mankind and eventually won the world title under the same name. I remember the drop he took off the cage and then through the cage at his Hell in the Cell match against the Undertaker. Some of my favorite moments in wrestling involve Mick Foley.

     This book is a keeper. Wrestling fans should own it because it is very informative, and talks about a wrestling legend. Non-wrestling fans should own this because it will introduce them to a world they have been misinformed about. It's just a damn good story. Mick Foley said most people wouldn't review his books. Well Mick, I've reviewed it twice and it gets better every time I do. Can't wait for the sequel.

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