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Mick Foley's
Foley Is Good

By Badseed

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    Mick Foley does it again. Once more, the hardcore legend has become a New York Times #1 Best Seller. Foley writes his own story spanning hundreds of pages, and giving a unique look into the world of sports entertainment. And despite his writing skill, I have yet to see a review in a 'quality' newspaper or magazine. Apparently no mainstream media outlets want to give Foley the respect he deserves. Of course, that is until now.

     I read Foley's first book and I loved it. The last book ended with Foley as a world champ and begged for a sequel. Now, the man we all have grown to love as Mankind writes part two of his memoirs in Foley is Good, a play on the fan's belief that Foley is a god.

     Foley did something even more dangerous than falling during Hell in the Cell he took on the challenge of writing and not to use a ghostwriter. You would think that a man with so many shots to head would not have enough sense left in him to write the masterpieces he has penned. There is nothing lost in the translation-er, editing, in Foley is Good. Foley talks about his matches, retirement, his job as the commissioner of the WWF, and even the writing process that went into the first book.

     I loved everything about Foley is Good. When reading, you can truly feel that success has not gone to Foley's head, like so many foreign objects have. You can see that Foley has not and never will break the bond between him and his fans, unlike the many bones that have snapped in his wrestling career. Foley made this evident by the amount of work he put into this book for our enjoyment. Go to the end of the book and you will see a huge list of resources used to write this work of art. Everything from wrestling videos, to doctor's reports, and newspaper articles were researched in an effort to give us, the Foley worshiper, an unbiased, truthful account of what went on between his first book and his latest effort.

     Inside this book, Foley takes you on the inside and lets fans peek into his personal life. You will read about how he felt hurting his wife and kids when they witnessed him getting brutally attacked by the Rock with a chair. You will read how he felt about the Rock after the heinous incident that made him lose some love for the sport. But what I found really interesting was Foley's opinions on backyard wrestling and his anger at the Parents Television Council for their efforts to censor wrestling. He even includes a comparative list of violence shown on wrestling versus the incidents seen in one of America's favorite 'family' movies, Home Alone. Foley even consulted a doctor for his opinion on what injuries would be suffered by all these incidents in both wrestling and the movie. Foley's argument is academic and thought provoking, I think these so-called activist groups should sit down and do some research.

     Foley is Good is an excellent follow-up to his first autobiography. Foley doesn't miss a step, offering the same backstage stories, and views of the many stars he has competed with in the federation. You will love the heartfelt stories (his family life and look at Owen Hart), the backstage drama (his confrontation with Vince McMahon), as well as the funny, often times hysterical jokes (yep, Al Snow gets dissed again). Anyone who proclaims to be a wrestling fan should buy this book. Foley may not be god, but as a wrestler and writer, he's more than just good-he's a legend.

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