Murphy's Lore: Fools' Day

Written by Patrick Thomas

Published by Padwolf Publishing

Genre: Fantasy/Humor

By Jon Minners

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    Patrick Thomas takes us into a world where magic is the norm, where gods roam the Earth and faeries aren't so cute. Looking through the eyes of John Murphy, a mere mortal, we see that gods and other supernatural beings are just like us, if not more twisted. On April 1, the likes of Hermes, Hex, Will O' Wisp, and even Loki, the Nordic god of Mischief, come to New York City's famous Bulfinche's Pub and compete against each other to see who the greatest trickster is. Yep, you heard me right. They aren't fighting for world domination, they are fighting for a trophy and the honor of saying they committed the best practical joke. Most people flee New York City until the contest is over for no one is safe during this time fun.

     Sun Wukong, the Monkey King makes several astronauts stay in their ship after convincing them that since they left, a strange disease has led to monkeys taking over the world. Pan, Lord of the Satyrs, messes with some poor schmuck in first class by using his pheromones to get more attention from the stewardesses while being seated in coach. To put icing on the cake, he even sleeps with the man's wife.

     All jokes aside, the story really begins when Hex, the cursed Magi, is possessed by his future self and comes to Bulfinche's on April 1st, to warn the fun loving gang of the future Armageddon. The Faerie Warrior Queen Mab will take possession of a nuclear warhead to use against the Faerie King Oberon. The US Military launches a strike against the faerie world, destroying it. As a result nuclear magic leaks from the faerie world into ours and all hell breaks loose. Monsters roam the Earth and evil takes over, killing millions of people. Murphy ends up actually being the leader of a rebel force and to rectify the past events, Hex is sent to the past to prevent the future. Unfortunately, Hex comes at the wrong time and everyone thinks it is a prank. Thankfully, the gang has nothing better to do and believe in Hex's word enough to go out on an adventure to save the world.

     At about 200 pages long Murphy's Lore: Fools' Day is an exciting read with great dialogue, interesting ideas and great depth, each page was packed with action, intensity, and wit. The main character Murphy was an excellent focal point for the other characters and together, the group fits like a puzzle, even though you would think they should not. But I admit I loved reading about Loki the most. He was the most interesting character and I like the way they got into his head better than Marvel Comics has ever done. I hope there is more to the Murphy's Lore series so I can continue to be intrigued for many books to come. You're the fool if you do not purchase this book and that is no joke.

This Article Was Republished With the Permission of

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