In the music scene, GodKind is one of a kind
by Jon Minners

God Kind is mankind's true Christian destiny, but it is also a Christian rock band out of Wytheville, Virginia that preaches the Gospel in a way that may or may not be more suitable for this generation of mainstream culture sheep who rely on entertainment to shape their views.  Smart move on the part of GodKind, because this band has got something going for it and it is time their message was delivered to the masses. 

Myspace is now the place great bands can go to have their music heard and GodKind is no exception.  Over at, the group has the usual blogs, little band tidbits and upcoming show information, but they also have four songs for websurfers to enjoy; Detach Yourself, Revolution is Now, The Silent Cry and Jah Warrior; all of which focus very heavily on religion, but do so in a way where listeners will not feel inundated with a message.  You can rock out and maybe learn a thing at the same time. 

Some of the groupís influences include Rage Against the Machine, Incubus, Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin, Red Hot Chili Peppers, 311 and P.O.D., so depending on your tastes, the group may be to your liking.  As a huge fan of Rage Against the Machine, GodKind was a pleasure to review.  The hard hitting percussion, the head banging guitar sound and the voice Ė Dustin Blevins, the bandís vocalist, could easily be singing for Rage Against the Machine.  A tremendous hard rocking sound, Blevins almost makes you feel his soul.  The message Ė his voice is the perfect vessel of which to deliver it. 

And that message can be felt on songs like Detach YourselfWhile we lie in them so completely ignored/Everyone's the same and it leaves us bored/Not gonna be an exception to the rule/You take me for God, not me for you and/Can't let the world pull me in til I'm faded/The Bill of Rights, Yo It got confiscated/So no separate I and I/Live by the world's system, you live to die/Can't trust that method cause that method, it lied/I send it out for the people that died/For their families, peace, comfort/Father of mercies...come forth.  

Itís a similar message permeating the rest of the songs on the CD.  You hear it a lot on Silent CryGodKind asks listeners to hear the cries of those suffering atrocities in countries the U.S. citizens do not really know about due to Americaís greed over money.  Innocent people are dying all over the world and America is turning a deaf ear to their cries.  I guess they donít have oil in those countries.  Anyways, thatís the message I felt coming from this track. 

While these were my two favorite tracks, every song on this CD had me nodding my head to the beat and the melody.  It is a shame to see some bands get recording deals while others who are more deserving are still left undiscovered.  Hopefully, this will change, because GodKind has all the tools to succeed.  You get a little rock, a little rock-rap, a bit of funk, a number of catchy beats, many memorable lyrics and most importantly, a whole lot to think about.  So, turn on your radio.  Listen to the recycled sounds and the uninspired lyrics; get bored and then go to Myspace where the real artists dwell.  Look for GodKind.  They have something intelligent to say.  Are you listening?

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