Playstation 2

God of War

Distributed by: SONY

Reviewed by Ismael Manzano

                God of War is one of those games that tell you all you need to know in the title, and it does not disappoint.  The story is about Kratos, a man who was blood-thirty and cruel and nearly unstoppable—and that was before he made a deal with Ares to become the most fearsome warrior of all time.  Ares delivered by granting Kratos magical powers and the ability to wield the Blade of Chaos, duel spears attached to chains that were burned into Kratos’ forearms.  In exchange for this power, Aries asked only for one thing: Kratos’ loyal, undivided service. 

            Things went wrong one night and Ares betrayed Kratos, prompting the near-god to seek revenge on his former master.  The game begins with a visually stunning scene of Kratos jumping from a cliff, and then rewinds three weeks to show how he came to that point.  As the story progresses, you learn bits and pieces of the man’s life, the reasons behind his quest, and the tragic event that finally led him to crawl out from under Ares’ thumb.  Along the way, Kratos encounters help from the Olympian Gods who also seek to overthrow Ares but are forbidden to challenge him directly.  Ares, meanwhile is waging his own war against Athens, and Kratos must battle through demons, minions, minotaur, medusas and harpies in order to reach Ares. 

            Unfortunately, no mortal can defeat Ares, so the Gods lead Kratos to Pandora's Box, which they claim will grant him the power to defeat a God.  And as the game progresses, you gain more magical abilities—including, my favorite, Zeus lightning bolts—upgrade your weapons and learn new skills with which to conquer your enemies. 

              This game is excellent from start to finish, with beautiful visuals, nearly-seamless transitions, and minimal loading time.  The controls are simple to master, but you wouldn’t know it from the wide variety of combos you can use and the game eases you into them so that by the time you’re at the end of the game, you can perform them in your sleep.  The soundtrack compliments the game play and mini-games are tricky yet fun. 

            As far as difficulty, well, I can only say that you should definitely start low and work your way up.  Get the feel for the controls and the tricks before you attempt the hard stuff.  As with all games such as this, puzzles are aplenty, but don’t worry too much about those, they’re fairly easy to solve.  The difficulty of most puzzles comes not from figuring out what to do it, but actually doing it and avoiding pitfalls in the time allowed and without dying.  

As a whole, I’d say, get this game…get it now!  The replay factor is high—assuming you start at a level you’re comfortable with—and you’ll get hours of enjoyment for your money.  And my personal favorite thing of all is that, unlike some games, the boss is extremely hard to beat.  You won’t get let down.  And just when you think you know what will happen to Kratos…well, beat the game and find out.  And when you do, check out the unlockables…they’re pretty cool too. 


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