Original Writing

Good Riddance

By Jon Minners

2005 is ending
And I feel so ill
My throat's killing me
And I've had my fill
End with a cold
Dammit, why not
Since I've been mentally abused
I might as well be physically shot
Body drained
My mind's on the floor
This year just sucked
And I can't take any more
You know, this Christmas
I realized I don't want material stuff
I just wanted to be happy
I just wanted to be loved
But it is better to have nothing
Then for someone to tell you they care
Then take that love away
It makes living unfair
But who ever said life was fair
It has not been fair to me
Girls cheating, scheming and lying
Even my best friends they see
I've been battered and bruised
My heart has been shattered
And when I can't take anymore
I realize I don't really matter
She told me she loved me
But where is she at
Where is this love
That was supposed to bring me right back
Where did it go
Where can she be
What happened when you love me
But disappear selfishly
It is better to have nothing
Put your love away
Cause when you have nothing
You can't take something away
Goodbye 2005
Take the pain with you, too
Welcome 2006
And the pain that comes with you.

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