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Triple H: Making the Game Book Ė Triple Hís Approach to a Better Body Review

Written by Triple H, James Rosenthal and Robert Caprio

Published by WWE

By Badseed

I sat there anxiously awaiting his return.  The Mecca of sports; Madison Square Garden was the place.  It was well over three years ago and HHH was about to come back to World Wrestling Entertainment after eight months of rehabbing a serious quad injury.  Then he stepped through the curtain and the place went absolutely bananas.  I had never seen such a live crowd before and I felt like I was a part of history that night and the first thing I noticed was, ďDamn, heís frigginí huge.Ē

As a workout buff myself, I hit Dolphin Gym in the Bronx as much as I can and I am proud of the slow, gradual, predominately supplement free improvements I have made over the years.  No longer skinny, people look at my body with some admiration, but HHH had taken it to the next level.  He didnít just rehab his quad; he rehabbed his entire body and I was impressed. 

Now, HHH has come out with a book to discuss his training procedures, as a way of inspiring others.  A major bodybuilding buff, HHH went a different route than his wrestling colleagues and wrote a different type of autobiography.  Readers will get a mix of stories about HHH growing up, his rise through the ranks of wrestling and the relationship with Stephanie McMahon that has made him the most powerful wrestler since Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair.  However, these stories are intertwined with tips about working out.  While HHH glosses over his life without too much detail; saving the stories for a true autobiography later on down the road, we get to read about how he got the body heís worked so hard to obtain. 

Throughout the book, we learn about the right exercises for biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, chest, legs and abs.  We learn about how to work those body parts out; how many sets, how many reps, when to change exercises up, when to increase weight and when to use lighter weight.  We learn about the body-mind connection and how important it is to think positively when working out, envisioning our muscles getting bigger.  We also learn about proper eating habits, although he doesnít mention supplements outside of protein and you donít get that big, that fast without supplements.  Most supplements are legal, so why not discuss them.  It is not fair to the reader who thinks he can accomplish the same feats without them.  We also learn about HHHís training after his quad injury, which I found inspiring to a certain degree.  There are also both black and white and color pictures depicting the workout process, which could be helpful to beginners. 

What I didnít like about the book was that he ignored Chyna to a major degree when she played a major part of his life; in wrestling, bodybuilding and in his personal life.  In addition, while I liked the mixture of both wrestling and workout stories, as a major workout/wrestling buff, I think I would have actually preferred two separate books dedicated to each aspect individually. 

Bad and mixed aside, I really liked reading through this book, appreciated what HHH was discussing and even further appreciated that he didnít proclaim his method to be the only way to go.  I must certainly say that without a doubt, I felt a need to workout harder after reading through the book; similar to how I felt after watching an old Body for Life video put out by EAS many years ago.  Still, I never watched that video again and I donít think I would seriously read the book again other than to look through some of the pictures and diet aspects every once in awhile.  I have books totally dedicated to bodybuilding for that. 

As a wrestling fan who works out, Making the Game: Triple Hís Approach to a Better Body was a fun read for me.  I donít think this is for serious bodybuilders who donít follow the sport.  HHH fans and beginners should definitely take a look. 


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