Badseed's Bottomline Supplemental #15

Hardy Boyz: Exist To Inspire
Written By: Matt and Jeff Hardy with Michael Krugman

By Badseed

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    The Hardy Boyz are one of the greatest tag-teams in WWE history and they have only been a WWE team since 1997. Yet, in that short amount of time, Matt and Jeff Hardy have won numerous WWE tag-team titles, the WCW tag-team belts, and numerous singles titles between them. Through the years, they have inspired so many people, putting their own bodies on the line, going to the extreme in order to please the fans and move up the ladder in a federation they started in as just preliminary wrestlers, losing matches every night.

     Exist to Inspire chronicles the Boyz rise to the top from their beginnings, growing up in North Carolina on their father's tobacco farm, dealing with their mother's death from cancer and their sudden fascination with daredevil stunts that eventually led them to give wrestling a try. Huge fans of the sport, Matt and Jeff created their own wrestling ring, using hoses and a trampoline, as teens, which eventually led to several of their own federations that garnered a fan following. Their ventures led them to create OMEGA, a federation that broke the mold and created such stars as Lita, Hurricane, Shannon Moore, Joey Matthews and Christian York and the Hardy Boyz themselves, who used to wrestle under various names like Willow the Whisp and High Voltage. OMEGA is still talked about today, but the Hardies moved on and received an opportunity of a lifetime.

     We soon discover that the Hardy Boyz were not overnight successes, wrestling on television and losing squash matches to Razor Ramon and Nikolai Volkoff. The duo tried teaming with masks, but still garnered no success. Booed at almost matches as preliminary wrestling bums, the duo achieved success when they were paired with the legendary Freebird Michael Hayes and the rest is history. We are then taken to the very highs of their first tag-team title victory over the Acolytes to the surprise victory over HHH that earned Jeff Hardy the Intercontinental Title and over Eddie Guerrero that earned Matt Hardy the European Title and then to the lows that saw the Hardy Boyz split up as a tag-team and Jeff Hardy losing his drive as a professional wrestler.

     This is a great book and I am glad I gave it a chance. At first, I did not want to read the book, because I didn't like the format. The story was done in an interview-style, almost like a screenplay with Matt and Jeff going back and forth to describe their opinions of what was going on in their lives. When reading it, I discovered how innovative the style truly was, giving differing points of view and really allowing the reader to discover the differences in both wrestlers. Matt is truly the brains behind the operation, carrying a true love for the business that has had him evolve from the high profile bump-fest matches with Edge and Christian and the Dudley Boys that made them legends to the smarter singles wrestler he is, following the principles of Mattitude. Jeff Hardy is the free spirit who is not sure what he wants to do with his life, but will keep on experimenting with things until he is truly happy.

     Together, the duo put out an awesome account that is as much fun and inspiring as it is honest and critical. They don't pull punches and we discover just how bad they thought the WCW-ECW vs. WWE angle was, just how much the titles did not mean to them anymore and how much Jeff was struggling to remain part of the RAW brand, when his love of wrestling was dying out (Jeff was eventually released by the WWE, but a return is highly likely). What readers get is a true tale that both inspires people to live their dreams and follow their hearts, while at the same time warning them of the pitfalls of their eventual success. If you weren't a Hardy Boyz fan before, reading this book will make you one.

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