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Hollow Man 2

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Distributed by: Sony Screen Gems

Reviewed by Ismael Manzano


      I came across this straight to DVD movie the other day while trolling through the video store for something to watch.  I was drawn, not to a promising sequel of a movie that I loved—because I didn’t like the first Hollow Man that much—nor was I lured into renting the movie because of its can’t-fail premise, but rather because the cover of the DVD looked cool.  It showcased what looked to be two invisible men fighting in the rain with what I mistakenly took to be Capoeria moves—there was no Capoeria—Brazilian martial arts—in this movie, but by the time I’d figured that out, I had already rented the movie.

     Hollow Man 2—distributed by Sony Screen Gems—takes place a few years after the first movie, following the next logical step in the world of invisibility.  The government uses the formula created by the doctors in the first movie to make the perfect assassin.  Michael Griffin (Christian Slater) is a government agent, who volunteered for a special experiment that rendered him invisible.  But invisibility comes with a price.  The treatment is irreversible and deadly.  Griffin is literally being poisoned from the inside out, dying slowly.  His only hope, a formula called ‘the buffer,’ developed by biologist Dr. Maggie Dalton (Laura Regan), which assuages the poison inside him.  The government uses this formula as incentive to get Griffin to do whatever they want.  Until, that is, Griffin goes rogue.

     Griffin, half-mad with power, goes after the ones that made him what he was, and ultimately goes after the only woman who knows how to replicate the buffer.  His hunt leads to the death of Seattle detective Frank Turner’s (Peter Facinelli) partner and friend.  Turner takes Dalton into his custody and, against the orders of his superiors and several high ranking government officials, hunts down the invisible assassin for revenge  But with the Seattle Police Department, the military, and a crazed invisible killer on their trail, can Turner avenge the death of his partner while keeping Dr. Dalton out of Griffin’s invisible clutches? 

     All in all, despite the lack of Brazilian martial arts, I enjoyed the movie.  It wasn’t a blockbuster or a masterpiece or anything like that, but it was entertaining with a simple, easy to follow plot that actually made sense whether you saw the first movie or not.  The motives were straightforward, the story uncomplicated unlike some of the other sequels out there that fall into the trap of trying to make the next movie bigger and more jaw-dropping than the first.  For a straight-to-DVD sequel of a mediocre sci-fi movie, Hollow Man 2 was actually very good.  It held my attention and had me sympathizing with both the revenge-seeking cop who will go the distance to get his partner’s murderer and the crazed assassin, who’s body is slowly betraying him the longer he goes without the buffer. 

     It may not be a must see, but it is a good watch, and if you find yourself looking for something to watch, give Hollow Man 2 a try.  

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