Hollywoodland Soundtrack

Distributed by: Decca Records
Various artists - Various genres

by Kristy Caruso

Picture it.  Hollywood, 1959.  Glitz, glamour, star power.  It was a time of mega money mega entertainment, and some of the best damn music ever made.  People looked to actors as heroes-and in the case of Hollywoodland, we get to see a heroes life go sour.

Whether or not this fall-of-superman mystery is your thing, the soundtrack to Hollywoodland will have your feet tapping.

Here’s a quick synopsis-George Reeves, the acclaimed actor and “Man of Steel” (aka Superman-for all who were raised under rocks) is a man who seemed to have it all-fame, a gorgeous wife, and a ton of money.  He was, in fact, a Superman for his time. On June 16, 1959, Reeves unexpectedly died-and Hollywoodland takes us behind the scenes of what became an infamous Hollywood mystery: did Reeves commit suicide, or was this a cover for murder?  For many viewers, Hollywoodland brings knowledge of an era they’d never know.  For some, it’s a journey back to a place they’d otherwise never visit again.

No era can be fully remembered or understood without listening to the music of the time.  In essence, music is a soundtrack for life-and part of Hollywoodland’s success will be the musical collection accompanying the film. We are truly catapulted to 1959 from 1st track to last.  It all starts with the original Superman theme music.  We’re then taken into the world of The Platters and other acclaimed musicians of that era.  The soundtrack speeds up with some Afro-Cuban Jazz-but doesn’t leave out other favorites of the 50’s such as Johnny Coltrane, Buster Brown, and the ever-energetic Little Richard. Hollywoodland’s music takes us on a journey to a time that, even if we’re too young to remember, we can respect and enjoy.

So, you may not see the movie.  Or, you may wait to see it in the comforts of your own home.  Regardless of your desire to learn more about the mystery of this infamous Hollywood murder, this is still the soundtrack for you. If you still celebrates Sunday as a day to unwind and relax, or, if you’ve got a classy chick/dude riding in the passenger seat of your car (and you’d like to impress them with your varied musical tastes) or, if you’re just sick of the same old hip hop and teen angst whining, give Hollywoodland’s soundtrack a shot.  

Funny how it take music that’s been around for almost 50 years to lend us a breath of fresh air…

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