Rock and Roll Retribution

Artist: Its Revenge

Produced by Jason Weeks

Reviewed by Melissa Minners



           Its Revenge is a rock band consisting of four friends that just happened to be at the right place and time in their lives to link up and start something extraordinary.  Comprised of Jeff Wright on lead vocals and guitars, Jason Weeks on guitars and background vocals, Nate Large on bass and background vocals, and Mike Hernandez on drums, Its Revenge has a sound that is reminiscent of some of the greatest rock bands.  The Clash, The Cars, Cheap Trick – those are just a few bands that seem to have had a lasting influence on this group.

            Its Revenge’s self-produced album, Rock and Roll Retribution, is a testimony to the world that these guys can ROCK!  One can tell that the members of Its Revenge had fun making this CD by just how much fun it is to the listener.  The music is tight with blazing guitars combined with a slamming beat that grabs the listener yet doesn’t overpower the vocals.  The vocal chemistry of the band is hard to deny as the voices blend together to create a harmonious sound.  Listening to the CD induces head bopping, air-guitar playing, and desk drumming. 

            Lyrical genius, Jason Weeks, has a way with the written word.  Every track on this album has lyrics catchy enough to be remembered after the first play.  The songs tell tales that all can relate to – tales of survival, tales of anguish, overcoming adversity and more.  Folks would be hard pressed to choose a favorite from the eight tracks of Rock and Roll Retribution.  Each track has something for everyone – catchy lyrics, terrific beats, rocking guitars.  One track that might stand out is You’re Right, a stab at some of the holier-than-though types of the world.  An excerpt from an answering machine message in that track not only shows just how sanctimonious some people can be, it also provides a hearty laugh for all those who know such people. 

            There is no wonder why Indie 103.1FM, a major independent music radio station based in Los Angeles, California, gives Its Revenge regular air play.  Rock and Roll Retribution is a fun CD to listen and sing along to and Its Revenge is a band that is definitely on the rise.  “Some stars fade and some stars shine / The bright ones stand the test of time / The others run out of steam” (excerpt from Kill Your Radio) – Its Revenge is definitely a shining star that will stand the test of time.


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