Original Writing

Love For The Game---A Rap

By JP Messiah

Hey to the yo-Yo to the hey
I live Hip Hop Like everyday
White as a ghost-These aren't false words
Didn't live 8 Mile-I'm a kid from the burbs
Good schools, good life-A dysfunctional family
Mixed up for the right reasons-Like a preppy kid should be

But I'm a student of Hip Hop-Old school to the core
When Hip Hop was fun-Getting people on the dance floor
Wave your hands-From left to right
And if you feeling real good-Get live tonight
About to get rowdy-Cause a commotion
Fuck the Nile River-I flow like an ocean

J to the P-Messiah smoking trees
And I get in your head like ecstasy
Got you shaking on the dance floor like epilepsy
And I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee
Got you tw-twi-twitching Like Muhammad Ali-Hodgkin's Disease
So sick in your head that you can't see me
So I spit these lyrics in brail
Get the message to everyone
Yo, I just won't fail
I'll sign for you to hear
Got no taste?
Give a brand new flavor for your ear

A student of the game-It is a shame
Cause I am White I won't achieve in this game
Hip Hop a solution-Problems addressed
Flashed us a message-And I was impressed
Hooked to the beat-Dropping the rhyme
But if you aren't Eminem-White rapping's a crime

But love still there won't go away
Will be rapping and writing like everyday
Never quit-Hip Hop is fine
I smoke a nickel-But it be a dime
Maybe in time my love will shine
Hip Hop's all inclusive-Won't be a line
I'll be accepted-A true Hip Hop fan
Not judged or criticized-For the skin on my hand.


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