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Jericho/Six Degrees

Distributed By: CBS and ABC

Reviewed by Ismael Manzano


            Hello weblanders.  Today, Iím bringing you my third new show review.  I know itís a week late, but I could only write so much at a time.  This installment features, CBSís new Wednesday show Jericho, which premiered September the 20th and can be seen every week at 8pm, and ABCís new Thursday show, Six Degrees, which premiered September 21st and can be seen every week at 10pm.  Both shows were highly anticipated by yours truly and I couldnít wait until they aired.

            Jericho, explores the horror, isolation, fears, and realistic drama of a small town, removed from the rest of the world due to a supposed nuclear attack.  Being a small town, the residents of Jericho are safe from direct attack, but cutoff from society.  Can they survive and prosper against the mounting obstacles that await them?  Can the town, now gripped in panic and confusion, learn to stand together or will they perish?

This show was great.  It was gripping, amusing at times, and very intriguing.  The use of imagery was very powerful, as in that sure to be iconic television scene of the little boy on the roof, watching the developing mushroom cloud in the horizon.  That was brilliant, and it said it all, without having to say a word.  The thought of seeing that when I stare out of my window, is haunting.  Skeet Ulrich, (of Scream, and otherwise known as Johnny Deppís DNA) is the proverbial prodigal son, returned to his roots after five years, to claim money his grandfather left him.  The reasons for his departure in the first place is a mystery the writers of the show dangle in front of us beautifully, and I look forward to finding out what it was that drove him out of Jericho and where heíd been for the last five years.  I see a lot of potential as well as growth space for this show, and I hope the writers deliver on the promise the pilot episode made.  They had some great acting, and a story that is rich was possibilities.  This is definitely a show to watch.

            And now onto ABC and Six Degrees.  This is one of the new drama shows that I was waiting for with baited breath.  Itís the tale of six seemingly unconnected New Yorkers, whose lives weave together in unseen ways.  The bleeding heart public defender, Carlos (Jay Hernandez), the ex-con, Damien (Dorian Missick), trying to get his life together, Mae (Erika Christenson, Swim Fan) the wild girl with a secret, Whitney (Bridget Moynahan, I, Robert), the businesswoman, Steven (Campbell Scott) the photographer with the addiction, and Laura (Hope Davis), the widow trying to cope, all touch each other lives both directly and indirectly. 

            Each have their own secrets, each have their own past, and each one of them is connected to the other ones whether they know it or not.  I wouldnít reveal the connections, for thatís half the fun of the show.  I thought the show was great, interesting and fun to watch.  I question the shelf-life of the show, however, as I wonder how long the writers can believably keep these six characters separated but still connected.  Already, in the pilot episode three pairs out of the a few of the characters met and became friends.  The longevity of the show, in my opinion depends on the direction of the show.  If they only stick with these six people and their interconnecting lives, then the coincidences will get repetitive and predictable.  If, however, they widened the berth a little, and allow for secondary or new characters to join the connected thread that links these six together, they might stand a chance of keeping the core premise of the show fresh and exciting.  I hope they do, and Iíll be watching to find out.  You should too. 

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