Original Writing

A Happy Birthday To Me

By Jon Minners

A happy birthday to me
Isnít blowing out candles
And eating good cake
It isnít opening presents
Or the smiles and handshakes
It isnít a good meal
Or getting drunk at the bar
It isnít money or good wishes
And unimaginative cards
Itís not celebrating with friends
Or even my family
Those moments are great
But they wonít make me happy
A happy birthday to me
Is being with the one that you love
Itís being on a rooftop together
Looking at the stars up above
Itís a candlelit dinner
With food that weíve made
Itís eating a picnic
In Central Parkís Shade
Itís a warm day at the beach
A dance in my home
Itís watching movies together
And long talks on the phone
Itís sharing some ice cream
And trying new things
Itís laughing and play fighting
And really bad bowling
Itís long walks together
And holding each other at night
Itís discussions and making up
After some stupid fight
Thatís all I need
Itís all I want too
A happy birthday to me
Is one spent with you.

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