Original Writing


By Jon Minners

I canít eat
Canít enjoy the day
Only thing I can do
Is sleep the night away
Days go quicker
When you lie in your bed
Not awake to comprehend
The mess up in your head
She told me she loved me
Why did she disappear
Why did she go away
When I so needed her near
Why does it hurt
The pain is so intense
I sit and wonder why
But it never makes any sense
I miss her
I miss her every single day
I miss her eyes, her beautiful smile
I miss her today; always
In the day I seem happy
My friend at work makes me smile
But when Iím home, all alone
I wish Iíd just die
If I never met her
I would be ok
But happiness dangles in my face
And is always taken away
A cruel joke is being played
My emotions are a toy
I should be a man
But I cry here like a boy
What good are happy moments
If you experience them alone
When you want to share with someone else
And build a happy home
I sleep and dream
And see her face again
Wake up, sheís gone, she disappeared
Another day begins
Repeat, repeat, repeat again
Just a repeat every day
When will the sadness end
And happiness come my way?

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