Original Writing

When Will Happiness Find Me

By Jon Minners

Happiness isnít a job
Or the raise it could bring
Happiness isnít a radio
Or the songs that it sings
It isnít a television
Or the show Iím watching
It isnít my home
Or the shelter that it brings
It isnít playing video games
Or ball in the park
It isnít a sunny day
Or a clear starry night
Those things are great
I enjoy them each day
But they are not the things
That sustain me in that special way
Without someone to share it with
Without someone to enjoy these things
It doesnít matter
The joy these things bring
I hurt; my heart hurts
There is a pain deep inside
A pain that would be too much
If I didnít have God in my life
Lord what do you want
Why am I lonely
Where is the love
I thought youíd bring to me
I know
Itís not why youíre here
I know
But itís loneliness I fear
Please help me
Let me find the way
Please give me the strength
To enjoy the coming days
Please help me
Decipher the wrong from the right
Please make me mentally strong
To get through the lonely nights
Please help me stay focused
To not give a damn
To not let the games
Make me think less of who I am
Strong and prepared
Please help me to be
Please help me deserve
The day happiness finds me
Just when will that be?

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