Original Writing

What's Life

By Jon Minners

Life is an obstacle
Nothing short of astronomical
I wish I didnít have to live these days
Struggling to get by
Stuck on the same page
Moneyís tight
Canít get back on my feet
Future bleak
A paycheck away from living out on the street
No luck
Broke as fuck
But if I had a million bucks
Life would still suck
If I ainít got you
But I donít
Could sell my soul for a taste
But I wonít
Love is blind
Cause it canít see me
Cause I canít feel, see
Eyes filled with sorrow
A heart filled with hate
Happiness needs a watch
Cause dammit itís late
Laying in misery
My pain wonít go away
Got to go to sleep
Have hope for the next day

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