Original Writing

Thinking Too Much Again

By Jon Minners

Donít know whatís to come of this
Wondering if I will lose it
You came out of nowhere
When I was least expecting
Now youíre ready to leave me
And my heart is all empty
I got to admit
Iím fighting this
It just canít be happening
Too soon for it
Maybe Iím sabotaging
Pushing you away
Wouldnít be the first time
Things ended that way
But I know I love you
I know I said it
But maybe I donít show it
Makes you forget that I meant it
I envisioned a long time
A relationship that lasts
Old and feeble
But still holding hands
Things seemed perfect
Almost too much so
Didnít think there were problems
That would make you want to go
Iím trying to change
Scared you wonít see
But Iím hoping that youíll
Never give up on me
If our love is true
Then you will stay
If we love one another
Nothing should stand in our way
Donít doubt the two of us
Will be good for both of us.

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