First Impressions

Knights of Prosperity/In Case of Emergency

Distributed By: ABC

Reviewed by Ismael Manzano

     Well, it’s been a long time, since my last First Impression review, and honestly I thought I was done with these type of reviews until next Fall.  But with the invention of the mid-season replacement—sometimes known as filler programming—and most of my favorite shows on hiatus or on the verge of getting canceled, I found myself with two new shows to watch for review.  One is The Knights of Prosperity and the other is In Case Of Emergency

     I’ll start with The Knights of Prosperity—Wednesdays, 9pm, channel 7—starring Eugene Gurkin (Donal Logue, Blade and Ghost Rider), a janitor whose finally fed up with his job and, after twenty years, has acquired a dream of owning a bar.  Only problem, no one will give him a loan and he is forced to seek his start up capital elsewhere.  Seeing a MTV cribs-like show on television, Eugene decides that Mick Jagger is the perfect source of this capital.  In short, he decides to rob Mick’s upscale uptown apartment. 

     Within the first five minutes, Eugene has assembled his team which he dubs, The Knights of Prosperity, and their half-assed plan to rob Mick Jagger is in full effect.  But his crew is neither smart nor skilled, and his dreams may be too big for him to achieve. 

     Was this new comedy show any good?  Not really.  I usually like all of Donal Logue’s work, but this one just fell flat.  Mick Jagger and his television spots were without a doubt the funniest thing in this lame, under written show.  I don’t see how this show could possibly last a full season, so I would have to imagine that it is not intended to last past the end of the mid-season.  So if you’re looking for a new show to sink your teeth into or even a diversion with which to pass the time, I would suggest looking elsewhere. 

     The next show on the Wednesday, ABC line up is In Case of Emergency, starring Jonathan Silverman as Harry Bond, David Arquette (the Scream trilogy) as Jason, Kelly Hu (X-Men 2) as Keli, Greg Germann (Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby) as Sherman, and Lori Laughlin (Summerland and Full House) as Joanna.  In a show that was eerily similar to the CBS show The Class, In Case of Emergency centers around a group of high school friends, who have all recently gone through life-altering events. 

     Keli, the valedictorian, is now a masseuse at a questionable parlor, her dreams long gone and wasted.  Harry, once an aspiring writer, now writes snappy greeting cards; Jason, voted most likely to succeed in high school, is now wanted for questioning by the cops for some immoral business practices and is on the verge of committing suicide; And Sherman is a diet guru whose recent relationship troubles forced him to go on a hilarious food binge that culminated in the theft of a dessert truck.  

     Now the million dollar question; do I like this show?  The answer is—much more than I liked The Knights.  Although the premise was, as I’ve stated before, similar to that of The Class, I still found the jokes humorous and easy to laugh at, without being insulting, and the story was actually interesting to follow. Will I follow this show if it gets picked up next season?  Probably.  Is it worthy to bump some of the other shows I’m already watching out of my viewing list?  Probably not.  But for a diversion and for a few genuine laughs during the hiatus, I would definitely recommend to anyone to give it a shot.  


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