Badseed's Bottomline Supplemental #20

A Less Traveled R.O.A.D.
The Reality of Amy Dumas

Written By: Amy Dumas with Michael Krugman

By Badseed

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    Who doesn’t like Amy Dumas a.k.a Lita? Out of all the larger than life wrestling characters that grace our screens Monday and Thursday nights, Lita appears to be the most down to Earth and that’s because this is exactly what Amy Dumas is-a regular woman. In just a few short years, it is that realness; that accessibility that has made Lita one of the most popular wrestlers and female talents the business has ever seen. Even a lengthy period away due to neck surgery couldn’t keep Lita out of our hearts.

     It was during that year-plus that she was away, recovering from her career threatening injury, she set to work on a book that tells her whole life story, giving us a unique perspective on the most extreme female in WWE’s history. Along for the ride is Michael Krugman, who also helped write the Hardy Boyz’s Exist to Inspire, making A R.O.A.D. Less Traveled-The Reality of Amy Dumas a perfect compliment.

     Although Lita is fairly new to the wrestling scene, she has seen so much at such a young age making her story the first wrestling book that really seems to relate to my generation. While I may have never gone through some of the things she has gone through, her musical tastes, her attitude, her fan interest in wrestling and the way she just comes across, I really felt connected to her, the person and not the wrestler, although the two are not very different at all.

     Readers will learn about how Dumas had to move from place to place, because of her father’s job, her very dysfunctional relationship with her brother and the sad divorce of her parents. Dumas moved out on her own and did all she could to stay afloat, working at pet shelters and even as a stripper! Dumas also discussed how she saved up for a trip to Europe and Mexico on a tight budget by sleeping on trains and foraging dumpsters for food. She actually makes the latter sound so glamorous, as if she almost enjoyed it, but I guess you would, looking back, while eating food I couldn’t afford to pronounce. I admire her for making it through it all and her drive, living in close quarters and traveling with so many band members, were just funny, inspiring stories to tell. And all left me with a certain feeling that if Amy could make it, so could I.

     Dumas spent time in Mexico breaking into the wrestling business, working the lucha libre style that helped her reinvent women's wrestling in the WWE. That couldn’t happen without her traveling, working in various independent companies and training with the Hardy Boyz, Hurricane and Shannon Moore in the popular group OMEGA. I even remember her time in ECW and how cool I thought she was back then, especially during a segment where Chris Chetti danced to Ricky Martin for her. Damn was she hot!

     Dumas then takes us on her journey to the WWE where she was first paired with lucha libre star Essa Rios, mimicking his moves, including a hurricanrana and a moonsault. The pair wasn’t meant to succeed, but became successful, especially Lita, who was eventually moved over to work with the Hardyz, not just as a valet, but an active member, revolutionizing the women’s division and eventually winning the title. She even appeared on several main events, working with the Rock, Steve Austin and HHH on several occasions; something most women never have the chance to do.

     I loved reading this book! What I liked best was that Lita doesn’t pull any punches. If she hated a storyline she just said, one in particular she hated the Alliance storyline. We get the straight dope on her relationship with Matt Hardy, even what she doesn’t like about him at times. We get her feelings on her dog’s eventual sad death. I love my cats and my girlfriend’s dog and the cat she lost, so I know how she felt. Finally, we get her exact feelings on the production team behind Dark Angel, the show Lita guest starred on when she injured her neck due to the ineptitude of a stunt double while producers treated it as if it was all a joke. The road to recovery was hard and Lita dealt with it and her fears, working in a kennel and starting her own pet foundation ADORE, announcing on Sunday Night Heat and eventually coming back to rousing cheers, overcoming the odds with a new look and goals.

     I commend Lita on letting us into her world. This is a monster read and for a little while, I actually felt like I was talking with a friend. It doesn’t get any realer than Lita.


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