Original Writing

My Love For Her Grows

By Jon Minners

Her eyes
Her eyes stare right through me
Like she sees my soul
Like she doesn't need to ask the questions
Cause she already knows
Her eyes
Can see me; everything about me
Can see my heart, my weakness, my smile, my pain
And she sees my eyes
My eyes and the reflection they bring
Of her warmth, strength, caring, hurt and insecurity
She doesn't know I know
She's been hurt and holds back
Afraid of the pain
Afraid of someone; even me, hurting her again
But her smile
It's a contradiction in terms
A contrast to the apathy and hardness
She sometimes uses as a mask to keep men afraid
But when she smiles
The cliche is true
A smile on her face
Can light up any room
Her touch
Holding hands; I didn't want to
But when I did
I couldn't stop but want to
My head against hers
and I wanted that kiss
She shied away
Avoiding my lips
Her lips; Our lips
They did share the same space
And even today
I feel the impact of the embrace
It was a short kiss
But I just needed a taste
To know all about her
Learned all I needed to know
Learned that beneath the hard shell on the outside
Hides a sweet gentle soul
She shows it to me
I do see it there
She really does care
Even when she does disappear
So I endure her absence
I endure the pain
Cause I know that one day
I will kiss those lips again
And I will run those ice cubes she munches
Down her body so warm
Holding close to that body
Never treating it wrong
And I long for the opportunity
To let my love for her show
And I hope the love inside of her
Does eventually grow
But it's more than just a physical caress
It's a lot more than the body
It's a lot more than just sex
Cause I know I felt
A deeper connection
Not my body, but my heart
That had an erection
And I want to build something pure
Where she'll feel the same way
And I'm trying so hard
Not to push her away
Because I know when I melt her impenetrable shell
Her true emotions will gather
And eventually show.
I wait patiently
For that day to come true
When it finally comes together
Just me here with you

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