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Juror 13

Story by D.J. Milky

Art by Makoto Nakatsuka

Distributed by

Genre: Manga – Action

Rating: OT for Older Teen

Reviewed by Jon Minners

    TOKYOPOP has become pseudonymous with top of the line, well written, gripping manga the likes that seem well suited for the big screen.  Movies in a book would be a more appropriate description and with Battle Royale about to come to an end, the need for some new titles to embrace has been filled; one of which by the duo of D.J. Milky and Makoto Nakatsuka entitled Juror 13 should be at the top of anyone’s list. 

For the most part, manga usually contains stories that need to be depicted over several volumes and it is often rare to see a one-shot manga that provides a riveting, emotional rollercoaster ride of an adventure like that seen in the pages of Juror 13.  How the writer was able to perfectly pull together such an enticing piece of literature in only 177-pages is absolutely amazing. 

The story follows the arrival of a mysterious jury summons that thrust’s a man’s life into a dizzying downward spiral.  Jeremy’s fiancé has left him, he is having real problems at the auto insurance claims department he works at, and his best friend is suddenly acting mysterious, vanishing and seemingly plotting against Jeremy.  With the jury trial approaching, anxiety overcomes Jeremy, as he finds himself in a world of backstabbing, deceit and a crime he may take the fall for.  It leaves Jeremy on the outside looking in, wondering who he can trust, what move he should make and how he is going to make it out of it all safe and sound.  The tag line states that Juror 13 follows one man’s fight for sanity in a world dripping with paranoia.  It’s a tale that will open your eyes, but can you trust what you see?

You could not describe it any better.  This was one jarring look into a life that falls apart right before your eyes.  Jeremy loses a little bit of himself with every turn of the page.  I loved the writing.  The dialogue is so real and with each word, the characters play their roles to perfection as they jump out from the book, as if into your life. Well written and so detailed; never missing a beat, the story is so convincing and real that the reader will suddenly feel the same type of anxiety, as they feel for Jeremy and his plight, wishing there was something they could do and hoping that with each turn of the final pages, Jeremy will find a way back from the edge. 

And then everything just gets that much more intense when the reader suddenly see the red ink of blood in what is supposed to be a black-and-white manga.  Whoa!  That was different and that’s exactly how to describe this title.  It is very different from anything else on the market.  Juror 13 goes where no title has gone before and it delivers well beyond anyone’s expectations. 

This is a book any fan of manga and well-written thrillers.  If you liked Minority Report, Juror 13 is for you.  It is a real page turner; fast and effective with more twists than a pretzel and an ending that is both unique and intriguing while slightly unnerving.  You will be left wondering what’s real anymore, but to tell anymore would be giving too much away.  You will need to find out for yourself.  You’re summons has been issued.  Report to jury duty and pick up Juror 13 today. 


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