The Midnight Meat Train Musical Score

Music By: Robert Williamson & Johannes Kobilke

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Based on a 1984 short story by Clive Barkerfeatured in Volume One of Books of Blood, The Midnight Meat Train is a horror film centers around a photographer and his determination to track down a subway serial killer.  Struggling artist Leon Kaufman (Bradley Cooper) has finally peaked the interest of a prominent art gallery with his provocative photographs of the city’s nightlife.  Searching for even more provocative photos that define the darker side of the city for his debut at the gallery, Leon actively seeks out the “Subway Butcher”, so dubbed because he butchers late night subway commuters.  But has Leon gotten himself into something too dark, too horrific…something he can never walk away from?

            I recently reviewed The Midnight Meat Train Soundtrack which contained music from various artists and displayed a very hardcore/alternative rock theme that was rather dark in nature as befits the movie genre.  The Midnight Meat Train Musical Score also contains some rather dark music composed by Robert Williamson and Johannes Kobilke.  Robert Williamson’s music career began as a bass player in various Seattle-based bands in the mid 1990s.  Becoming interested in electronic music, Williamson began his own record label called Eat Knowledge.  In 2004, after production had begun for a script he had written for the movie Dandelion, Williamson decided that he would compose a soundtrack for the film as well.  Following that endeavor, Williamson created music for films such as Underworld Evolution, Crank, and a documentary about Hurricane Katrina.  Johannes Kobilke began his music career at the age of seven, when he began taking lessons in piano and composition.  He has gone on to become a well-known composer, having created musical composition for television and commercials.  Williamson and Kobilke have collaborated before, their efforts combined for the production of the Pathology Soundtrack.

            The Midnight Meat Train Original Motion Picture Score consists of twenty-one tracks of music with increasingly dark undertones.  Electronica is used to perfect the spooky quality of the music.  Off-key and strange sounding instruments, strange noises like thuds and disjointed sounds, reverb and heavy percussion all combine to creep out the listener.  Rising crescendos give the listener the feeling of something horrific about to take place.  The entire soundtrack is one helluva scary experience.  In fact, if you wanted to find a perfect use for this soundtrack, you would pump it through your stereo speakers on Halloween night to give your home that Haunted House effect.  I for one would be scared silly stepping up to the door of a home pumping music from The Midnight Meat Train Musical Score from various locations.  I’m feeling the chills coarse down my spine as we speak.

            Kudos to Robert Williamson and Johannes Kobilke for creating a musical score for a horror movie that does just what it’s supposed to do – be spooky and scary enough to make the listener jump at every little noise.  The Midnight Meat Train Musical Score is a soundtrack that perfectly fits the movie it was created for.


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