Original Writing

Mr. Perfect or Maybe I'm Not

By Jon Minners

Iím not perfect
Just thought you should know
Even though I look in the mirror
Telling myself so
The ego and vanity
Is all just a scam
To cover up
The insecure person I am
Iíve been hurt
Iíve learned to expect the pain
When the sunís beating down
Iím expecting the rain
I donít mean to hurt you
Hate the fact that I do
Please believe this from me
Know my words do ring true
Cause I do love you
Everything that you are
Loved you when we met
Loved you from afar
I know when we talked
Fate had stepped in
When I expected to lose
I finally got a win
A victory
From the jaws of despair
A girl who does love me
One who really does care
I may not show it
But I always do
And the fear consumes me
That Iíll one day lose you
That Iíll push you away
Chase you out of my life
When I envision a future
Of you as my wife
On a beautiful day
You walk that aisle
I stand patiently
With an uncontrollable smile
The one who gets me
Who understands all my pain
The pain thatís disappeared
Washed away with the rain
And all that remains
Are the rays of the sun
You and me together
United as one.

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