The Multi-Purpose Solution: How Can a Man Be Tougher Than the World?
Genre: Indie Rock

by Jon Minners

There is a great story behind the CD: How Can a Man Be Tougher Than the World? 

Mike Olear recorded the music for the album in May 2005 in Bryan Beninghoveís small practice space, 112X, on Brunswick Street of downtown Jersey City, New Jersey, just three days before Bryan and other tenants in the building were going to be kicked out of their homes.  The evictions occurred after some battle between feuding landlords.  Residents were caught in the middle and the band, The Multi-Purpose Solution decided to record there as a fitting tribute to the location. 

Great story, huh?  Great stories do not always translate to great listening experiences.  And the fact that the bandís music is featured on does not actually make it good.  And, just because mainstream music has not played it on the radio doesnít mean the band is being held back.  In truth, The Multi-Purpose Solutionís CD is not really worth listening to. 

In the best Simon Cowell impersonation, The Multi-Purpose Solution sounds like five people getting together at their friendís garage and jamming with a tape recorder.  Yes, the production cleans it all up, but nothing can make the CD enjoyable. 

Sadly, it has all to do with the singing.  The music is basic Ė no frills Ė but actually enjoyable if not accompanied by the rants of someone who sounds like a drunk trying to imitate a drunk Ozzie Osbourne without the British accent.  Horrible.  It was annoying enough to almost force a listener to turn off the CD. 

And the lyrics are not much better.  From DuckyIím a mind reader baby/Yeah, I can read your mind/now I know I know I know/whatcher thinking/at least, most of the time./I tried making it happen/by not making it happen/but now Iím trapped in a corner/and Iím all out of ideas/just hoping against hope/itíll happen/who knows/Maybe thingsíll work out.  Huh? 

From Rabbi-El & The Belly of the Beast: Do you need me now?/Do you need me?/If you do you know you better tell me./Cause if not, at dawn Iím gone/Join the Texas border patrol/Join the Texas border patrol.  WHAT?!!!  At least it made me laugh.  Was there supposed to be some meaning to this? 

By the end of the nine tracks on this CD, the reviewer will feel nothing for the bad and nothing for the music.  This is a forgettable CD, but hey, Nice Looking Designs did a wonderful job on the cover.  Thatís got to count for something.  Right?  Right? 

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