Munto 2: Beyond the Walls of Time

Distributed by Central Park Media

Running Time: 70 Minutes

Rated 13 and Up

Reviewed by Jon Minners

    From the key animator of the critically acclaimed Grave of the Fireflies and the groundbreaking AKIRA and the producer of Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid, comes an interesting new anime about two young people from different worlds who need each other in order to survive. 

It’s been a year since psychic schoolgirl Yumemi’s life turned upside down with the arrival of Magical King Munto.  Yumemi had always seen what others couldn’t.  And in feeling difference, she never understood this world she sensed until Munto arrived on her world asking for her help.  Only her power could save his world from a war that threatened to bring it to extinction

Yumemi continued to refuse until a friend’s courage pushed her to do something and provide a future for Munto’s world, and essentially her own, forcing her way through the space-time continuum just in time before the two worlds collided, saving those she held dear and those she didn’t even know. 

And now, nothing is the same.  Earthquakes plague the planet, weather patterns are different and it could all be the result of the one time the magical world above was finally seen for seconds by others besides Yumemi, including her school friend Ichiko, who worries about Yumemi’s strange disconnected obsession with the sky.  Ichiko understands now that this ‘imaginary’ world does indeed exist, but wants Yumemi to live in the here and now and move on; yet something keeps her eyes to the sky and her mind focused on something else; even she doesn’t know what. 

However, the viewer does, as Munto’s world is once again in peril.  Alliances that were formed after the previous conflict are broken and destroyed when a new enemy attacks, threatening both worlds once more.  Munto fights hard, along with others, but once again, he must do what even he doesn’t want to do; rely once more on the supernatural abilities of Yumemi. 

Awesome.  Having not seen the original tale, I relied on an eight minute DVD extra recapping the events of the past and it is easy to see how a viewer can become intrigued by Munto, Yumemi, these distinct worlds and the turmoil that threatens them both.  The cast of characters, the exciting, non-stop action that kicks off the show and the battles that ensue are only the tip of the iceberg.  The growth of Yumemi’s character and the eventual reintroduction of Munto to Yumemi are what this particular DVD is about and it is one wild ride to enjoy.  Backed by beautiful landscapes, especially when depicting the magical realms above; stunning character designs – more specifically, the fascinating character Gass, who has the makings of a kick ass anti-hero; a top notch soundtrack, most notably seen when Munto goes off to battle his new enemy on his own and finally, a very intriguing storyline; Munto 2 is just an exciting new journey worth investing your time and money to enjoy. 

Central Park Media has done it again; bringing us a new host of characters to follow in a decidedly different type of anime that’s only drawback is the loose ending that leaves you wanting so much more and wondering when new volumes will follow.  Yes, the original Munto is said to have had a finality to the ending, but the second installment leaves viewers knowing there will be more, but when?  I’m excited to know. 

But the future is a different story.  The time is now.  Circle April 4, 2006 on your calendar; Munto 2: Beyond the Walls of Time is one to buy. 


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