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PlayStation Three Disaster

by Ismael Manzano

Recently, the highly anticipated and highly priced PlayStation 3 became available in the American market.  Its birth into the world of the gaming community was celebrated by a slew of under-stocked stores and psycho-crazed consumers looking for the next-generation game play.  Well it may be apparent to you all by now that the new PlayStation 3, for all its five-hundred plus price-tags, Blue-Ray addition and promised revolution of game play has turned out to be a colossal failure—from a gamer’s point of view and from a marketing standpoint.

What’s the big to-do about the PS3 anyway?  Well, as most of you know it plays Blue-Ray movies, which many believe will eventually replace DVDs one day, it has a huge hard drive, far superior memory to the PS2, and is online capable.  What does all that mean?  Well, in a nutshell, it means that the PS3 was set to overthrow the increasingly popular Xbox 360 with graphics, space and versatility in game play.  After several months of waiting, what we got instead is a system with hardly any games to speak of and almost none whatsoever worth the half-grand price tag. 

All I have to say to that, is what did you guys expect?  Did you really think that anything costing that much money would be worth it?  Did you really think that after having the system’s release date pushed back several times that the quality would be as good as they claimed it would be?  Did you really think that they would be smart enough to wait until they had enough supply to meet the demand of this next generation system?  I would have thought that after the demand and skyrocketing sales of the Xbox 360 as well as the many reported recalls from glitches from said Xbox system that Sony would have put a little more thought into their marketing strategy.  Instead they decided to push a system that was not ready to be released onto a salivating consumer pit of eager nerds. 

And for what?  The only game worth a damn so far is Resistance: Fall of Man, a game which, for all its graphics and interesting plot lines, still pales in comparison to a similar game for the Xbox 360—Gears of War.  What amazes me is how so many people ran—RAN—to the stores to pick up their new PS3 the day it came out.  People were camped outside of stores for days.  And for what?  Everyone knows that these first line game systems have a buttload of glitches.  Chances are a good portion of the people who bought these first line systems will have to get them replaced.  Most of the games that will come out for this system will not look like what people expect it to look like for a long while.  Does anyone remember what the first set of PS2 games looked like?  They looked a lot like PS1 games, didn’t they?  And now, PS2 games look so far beyond PS1 games, that some of them are almost—but not quite—as good as some of the Xbox360 games.  The smart consumer would wait six months or a year, wait for that unbelievable looking game, wait for the prices to drop, wait for the game designers to learn how to use the new technology they’d been given before they buy a PS3.

I’d like to take a moment to laugh at those fools who gathered a bunch of friends together and each bought a PS3 and tried to make a quick buck selling them on ebay.  Hahahahahaha—I’m pointing at you and laughing.  Pointing and laughing.  What the f*** were you guys thinking?  Anyone who didn’t do this little scalping scam that first day is a complete idiot.  It didn’t take people long to realize what a lemon the PS3 currently is and didn’t take long for people to decide that they not only did not want to pay the 500 dollars for the store offered PS3’s but they decided they sure as hell did not want to pay twice or three times that much for an ebay offered PS3.  I know a friend of a friend who tried this technique and they continued to get undercut by smarter bidders that they made next to nothing on their marketing venture.  Hahahahaha! 

So to sum up.  PS3, great potential, but needs time to fully develop before it’s worth buying; Sony, idiots who blew some of their credibility with poor marketing strategy.  People who bought the PS3 right out of the gate, overzealous.  People who tried to make a buck on the PS3 on ebay after the first week of its release, hahahahahahahahahahaha! 

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