Artist: The Slants

Produced by: The Slants

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            I fell in love with The Slantsí sound after listening to Slants! Slants! Revolution, the remix version of their debut album, Slanted Eyes, Slanted Hearts.  The Portland, Oregon band with style and attitude began their musical journey in 2007 and have never looked back, gaining a great deal of international attention during their very first year together.  Their style, known as Chinatown dance rock, is a mix of rock, synth-pop and punk.  When a friend told me about the release of The Slantsí third album, Pageantry, I couldnít wait to take a listen.

            Pageantry starts off with a bang with the first track, Every Chance I Get, a slamming rock/dance obsession song that couldnít help but elicit a smile from me.  You see, when I first set out to listen to this album, I was exhausted and in desperate need of a pick me up and boy, did I ever find one.  The song is so up-tempo, featuring a rocking beat and slamming guitars, that it was like an instant adrenaline rush.  Who needs coffee?!  I was bouncing around to the music, playing air guitar and clearly wide awake by the time the song had ended.

            Pageantry features nine more tracks that inspire just the same reaction.  After listening to the album the first time, savoring the delicious blend of rock, punk and dance, I had to listen to it again.  Before long I found myself singing along to Every Chance I Get, You Make Me Alive, Lucky Strike and Who Shot the Radio?, the first four songs on the album.  Other songs on the album which also struck a chord include Running With the Dead and How the Wicked Live, which feature some haunting lyrics matched up with some amazing music.

            Picture David Bowie meets KMFDM and mix in some really cool dance synth sound and youíll have The Slants.  Their new album is like a shot of adrenaline administered on a dreary Monday morning.  The album keeps you pumped from first track to last.  I would love to see the songs on this album get some mainstream radio play.  I can definitely see them as background music featured in an action flick or television series.  In my opinion, The Slants have outdone themselves with Pageantry and I canít wait to see what else they have in store for the music world.


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