Pets' Letters to God

Translated By: Mark Bricklin

Illustrated By: Scott Rosenkranz

Published By: Rodale, Inc. for Hallmark Cards, Inc.

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            A few years ago, upon meeting a new friend, I was given a gift of a book, Pets’ Letters to God.  The inscription read, “Because you are a pet person, I couldn’t resist this.”  The cover illustration depicting a variety of pets depositing letters addressed to God into a mailbox labeled Divine Express was enough to elicit laughter.  The fact that the book is not written by Mark Bricklin, but translated by him gave me cause for another chuckle.  Imagining my own pets sending off their own letters to God was hysterical to me.

            Pets’ Letters to God contains numerous possible letters written by a variety of pets accompanied by cute illustrations.  The actual letters range from cute to downright hysterical as Mark Bricklin seeks to share with his readers his ideas as to what questions and prayers a pet might send to God.  The introduction of the book notes that, while certain pets can be trained to understand human words, humans have never been able to learn the language of pets.  The best that humans can do is an educated guess, like feeding the cat when she meows or letting the dog out when he barks and whines at the door.  “So who is the better communicator?  And who are we to think that animals cannot or do not communicate with God?  Our pets, who share meals, moods, even a bed with a dominant different species, must have profound questions about all the distressing, comforting, contradictory, and joyful things that come their way.  And no doubt, they seek answers, reassurance, and solace, just as we do.”

            The resulting 90-page book is rather cleverly written.  Mark Bricklin shows that he is not only extremely creative, but has an excellent sense of humor.  Entries like a dog wondering if he can sit on God’s couch when he gets to heaven, a bird thanking God for not allowing cats to fly, a hamster wondering if reproduction is allowed in heaven, a goldfish wondering if killer whales truly exist, a turtle wondering about the difference between the speed of his species and that of humans and a cat wondering why his human doesn’t sleep as long as he does are enough to make readers laugh out loud.  One of my favorite letters is one from Chaz Chipmunk: “Dear God, We look through the window and see all those dogs, cats, birds and even hamsters and mice enjoying the easy life.  How do we get on family assistance, too?  Tired of scrambling, Chaz Chipmunk.

            Anyone who has pets will simply love Pets’ Letters to God by Mark Bricklin!  The book is terrifically fun to read!  If you’re looking for laughs, Pets’ Letters to God is just the book for you!


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