Original Writing

Total Recall

By Jon Minners

I used to love you
In fact I still do
I tried to move on
But I didn't want to
I loved you in 7 minutes
Right when we met
7 years with someone else
But with you I'd be set
My life would be complete
I knew from the start
But you didn't feel the same
And you shattered my heart
Back, back, forth and forth
Thought I'd make you mine
Things were up, then were down
Every single time
Until it ended
Our friendship goodbye
But I could not let go
I had to just try
I knew what went wrong
I pushed you away
Tried too hard
Gave you no reason to stay
Realized what went wrong
Decided to change what had been
But change wasn’t good enough
If the change couldn’t be seen
So for two months I fought
To win you back in my life
To win back my friend
And get away from the strife
And I did get you
You came back to me
But I had other girls
And I didn't see
That your feelings were changing
And now that I do
I can't let this happen again
I cannot lose you
Another man in your life
But now you know too
That I want you with me
Cause I do love you too
I will fight, I will fight
I will fight for your heart
I will fight for the one
I wanted right from the start
I am tired of fighting
Alone; all about me
I want to fight together
With you; from me to the we
Cause we belong together
Partners; I'm trying
I await your decision
A happy end; a new beginning.

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